The Pension Pot


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This is the way to do it.

Get ready to dip into your pockets to ‘bail out’ the pension scheme of the good folks at the blood transfusion service.

Remember these are the good people who were responsible for relieving you of the money paid to the Hep C victims in compensation for their ineptitude.

a cash transfusion is required to keep them bleeding us dry.

That makes my blood boil. I’ll get my coat :-GC

**research shows that 48 companies quoted on the Irish Stock Exchange paid an average of €100,000 a year to the pension funds of executive directors.
This compared with an average contribution of €2,700 for other employees.

The paper, by Trinity College business school academic Gerry Hughes, said that tax reliefs on pensions contributions were €2.7 billion in 2009

That’s not how you do it…

This is how you do it, forget the pension pot, just spend half your budget on pensions!!!


Does anyone in Ireland actually live like that? In a really good month, I can put about 30% of my salary into savings and pension; typically though, it’s more like 20% gets saved. I see some people on that site are talking about saving 90% of after-tax income.

Do they all live with their parents?