The Penthouse 72 Woodview, Mount Merrion Avenue(-1775k,-71%)

Was 2,500,000


“With a pad like this, even Quasimodo would score.”
Yep, but Quasimodo would have been in serious negative equity

Now 1,800,000


…and if you buy this place, you’ll soon get the hump too !!

I’ll get my coat :smiley:

and up a bit to 1,850,000

Still at 1,850,000 … GENM335138

Also on Gunne for €1,850,000 :

Now 1,195,000 … GENM335138

Thats a total drop of 1,305,000 or 52%

Thats some pad.
€432 sq/ft also beats most other apartments in less desirable locations.
If the management fee is reasonable, it could well go at (or close to) that price.

Agreed. There is definately some value in that home, considering the space you get relative to what else is out there for the same money.

If I was nit-picking though (and I think at 1m+ one has a right to!), I would definately consider the “eaves” issue you get on some top floor homes to be something one has to be very comfortable with. It can make a large floorplan “feel” smaller than it really is. I am just being picky though. Its a great apt and priced competitively.

The fung shui of this apartment is extremely bad, especailly for the health of the occupants, because of the “eaves”!

790k … lin/104586
€285/sq foot

Original link showing the €2.5m asking doesn’t appear to be there any more. I did find this from Sept. '07 though, showing a €1.85m asking: … y28064.asp

Whether it’s €1.85m or €2.5m, those prices are about as good a single example of the bubble madness as any you’ll see. Absolutely incredible.

Another fine example of the irish slopey ceiling attic conversion “penthouse”

It’s no wonder they cannot sell. What a claustrophobic feeling. Every single apartment room in the images has sloped ceilings making you feel you were in the attic of a house.
The property madness of the past few years is well shown here. It seems that, briefly, in 2007 these owners thought they could get EUR 2.5 million. Seems to me more like EUR 0.5 million - and that would be doing well for what looks like a converted attic.

Now €725k…and still looks expensive. €450k to a City boy/girl as a pied a terre?


bit big/far out for a pied a terre - IMHO would really suit a wealthy retiree who can’t be arsed to cut grass and/or possibly spends a lot of time abroad but wants to have a low maintenance base in Dublin to see the grandkids/send them to UCD

Cheeky…is every property worth 450k to you or is that just your favourite number? you don’t half talk poo!

If this place goes for less than €600,000 then CO is closer to being right than wrong. And for the life of me I don’t know what trder-downer, retiree or pied-a-terre hunter would spend €600k on this.

This stunning pad on Mt. Merrion Avenue around the corner isn’t much more: … in/1372301

Those relative prices don’t make any sense, and it is the apartment where something’s got to give.

What? I just said it still looks expensive and put a price at which it would fly (IMHO). Can you articulate when you think this apartment is worth over 700k? I have been watching the SCD market for years now (from afar thankfully) and I can’t figure out who, in the current climate, would see €700k for this as sensible. Even the trading downers will struggle to get enough for their house to make this a sensible buy.

700k is a lot of lolly for this. It is not a family home. Has a service charge. Period property is Rathgar (in need of refurb) are going for 450k at auction, no garden. BR is hardly the centre of the penthouse market. I, personally, don’t get it.

However stuff is selling at the minute but these are not the types which are flying.

There is nothing wrong with proffering an opinion on price. If it goes for more, great. Say you have a 300k deposit. You will still have to pay back over £2k to live in an apartment. Those with 700k cash want more. I just don’t get it.

Anyway auctiongirl - care to provide your opinion? I may even agree.

EDIT: Just looked at it again. It is build into the eves. Balconies are covered. It is an outlier property and the price will reflect that.

I’m as fast as the next poster to roll my eyes when I see lowball figures being thrown around like confetti, but in this instance Cheeky Offer has a fair point.

It’s an apartment. Yes, it has the floor area of a family house, but it’s not a family house and shouldn’t be priced accordingly. It’s blatantly obvious that €725k is an arrogant and completely unrealistic asking price. They should be asking something in the region of €600k and willing to take up to a 20% haircut on that. If they have a very good day they might only have to take a 15% cut and come away with something over €500k. If it sells while asking the current price it’s only going to be for low 500s.

Looks like a fab apartment - but from what I can see it doesn’t have a balcony.

Who the hell would pay top money for a penthouse with no balcony, never mind a sun terrace?
The complex doesn’t even have grounds outside you’d want to sit out on.

Fatally flawed.