The people that have a billion borrowed!

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I an not computer savy enough to provide links but most of this information has been in the media.The one I did not name was given to me by a friend who works in banking and has been right over the past few months.

My point and worry about these billion borrowers is that they are in negative equity in many investments and with new directors on the bank boards there will be/should be a diferrent attitude and their loans could be called in.If their loans were called in and any one of these went under for a couple of hundred million it would create a tsunami effect on their creditors, other investment valuations and accelerate the recession.This I believe will happen in the new year and probably has to happen for the country to get to the bottom of this mess.

Sorry if you think its a waste of a thread but this will be big news later in the year.

You won’t find many disagreeing with you here, hence the advice to either offload your site or get creative in how you use it.

While it is old news to some here (having predicted just this outcome last year and earlier), it does bear repeating ad nauseum until it happens. The worse danger of not crying wolf outweighs the criticisms of being a stopped clock. You can take a horse to water, but you shouldn’t read so many books. It’s an ill wind that blows from Santa’s boots.

One way of looking at it is: what sort of recession do you want? Short and sharp, or looooong. It’s looking to me like a looooong one, as it is not isolated to one foolish country. In which case, if there is no chance of an upturn following a sharp recession, there is not much point in enduring the pain if it is possible to have a long slow one. That may be the government’s thinking - the banks are owed billions by certain individuals, they have no chance of paying it back and the chance diminished every year as the asset values deflate, but what’s the point of calling in the loans and destroying the paper wealth? There is nothing to replace it.

The people with a billion borrowed are the next shockwave,the losses these have are the elephants in the Anglo Zoo that really has forced the government to take over Anglo!!!.