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8 women harassed at National Rehab Hospital, 885 images of them stored on laptop, 5,500 child sex abuse images found, 4 year delay in garda investigation, 4 year suspended sentence → … =3&theater … 70562.html … 80011.html … y-offences … 59538.html … 15832.html

Justice being meted out to three gurriers by an 85 year-pld hero.

Watch this and hope that younger generations of Irishmen will stand up to thugs … 0147366914

Not sure I’d be risking a shotgun from 3 feet, or a blow from a hammer to protect my local bookies cash… but each to their own.

A man with a lot of years under his belt. Clearly a seasoned risk taker and played his hand well.

Hope he got a little token of appreciation for his efforts.

the raiders werent expecting much resistance and scarpered when someone stood up to them.

Wasn’t it Judge Nolan that let Lowry of prison time because he employed people?

Who said justice can’t be bought?

Poor reporting by RTE. This was not a ONE punch assault.

Mr Oliver and Mr Lightly were among a group of seven university friends visiting Dublin for the weekend. The group was walking along Fleet Street, when there was a slight exchange between Mr Oliver and the occupants of a car stopped at a traffic light.

Bornac, a passenger in the car, got out and walked over to Mr Oliver, punching him with a right-hand swing to the temple with considerable force, the court heard. Bornac then began punching Mr Lightly several times, knocking him to the ground and then kicking him in the head.

College student Thomas Oliver, 25, spent three weeks in an induced coma at Beaumont Hospital after he was knocked unconscious in a one-punch assault in the city centre on 17 April 2022.

Mr Oliver has been left with headaches and no sense of smell; his sense of taste was also affected. He lost 50% of his muscle mass and had to relearn how to walk, the court heard.

The judge set a headline sentence of six-and-a-half to seven years, but reduced this on account of Bornac’s young age, his previous good character, lack of any record, work history, guilty plea and cooperation with gardaí.

“I can come to the conclusion that Bornac is unlikely to offend to any great degree in the future,” said Judge Nolan.

Independent TD Michael Lowry and his refrigeration company have been fined a total of €25,000 having been convicted of two charges each of delivering an incorrect corporation tax return and failing to keep proper set of accounts.

Judge Martin Nolan made his ruling following a sentence hearing at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court after a verdict was delivered by the jury on day 12 of the trial just before lunchtime today.

A JUDGE who controversially jailed a businessman for six years for a garlic import scam has allowed a man who sexually assaulted two of his nieces to walk free.

Judge Martin Nolan imposed a three-year suspended sentence at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court – and said the publication of Aidan Farrington’s name will be punishment in itself.

Farrington (45) of Iona Drive, Glasnevin, Dublin 9, abused his victims on three separate occasions. It came to light when an apology letter was found by one of the victim’s parents.

lets see what happens here

Ms Quinn Idris was taken by ambulance to St James’s Hospital with a broken eye socket and then transferred to the Eye and Ear Hospital, where she underwent emergency surgery.

A medical report handed in to court stated that her eye was fully depressed and she has lost her vision permanently and is likely to need a prosthetic eye, the court heard.

A probation report placed Lyons as at moderate risk of reoffending within the next 12 months
Judge Martin Nolan agreed with counsel for the defence that Lyons had pleaded guilty and had no record of conviction and had gained insight into his offending.

“But there’s another side to it,” said Judge Nolan, adjourning sentence until Thursday afternoon.

Paywalled but you’ll get the gist.

Obviously the wrong gender and race for the fcker.