The Perils of Enforcement, a tale from Clonmel

Firstly it must be noted that the Árd na Sidhe estate in Clonmel is not a Ghost Estate…it being largely complete, finished out dacently, and occupied bar this one cul de sac down the back..

However the cul de sac is not complete and some bum builder in Clonmel refuses to finish it. Then it gets complicated. The bum builder has or had a partner who IS prepared to finish it. :slight_smile: … 90490.html

It seems that O Shea fall into that all too rare class o Irish builders known as ‘Reputable Builders’ and they wish to preserve their good reputation.

How odd, hopefully the judge finds it equally odd, and rules wisely :slight_smile: Even more oddly the defendant Michael Butler appears to be separately suing his own company…or is that another Michael Butler ??