The Pin launches its new Property Sales Section

SO that its ladies & gentlemen, it’s been fun debating, reading insightful commentary and we really appreciated all your fine posts but I have decided the next phase of the pin, since the timing seems to be right is to branch out into the world of property sales.

Please feel free to see our first exculsive to market offers.

More exciting offer to come.

Lol!, nice work, where do I bid for the door?

WTF 150,000 4 WA?

Best post ever!

You should proof and ‘justify’ the text.

:laughing: I know that door! You forgot to mention its arcadian aspect :wink:

Prudent Bear Pin Fans :wink:

You left out the ladder

Not the work of the 'pin but nonetheless…

Anyone got a printer that will do billboard size?! :wink:

I wonder how many people would even notice?