The Pines, Ballinascorney Lower, Co. Dublin (-801k, -61.6%)

Was 1300k

Now 950k … lin/137432

I grew up in this area, and have been in the house, it’s worth a look, wish I had 8 or 9 hundred grand in my back pocket. Surely this price is approaching reasonableness?

edit to say, I’m not involved with the seller :laughing: Would prefer this to a semi D in Terenure or D4 or whereever is making 900k these days

The Pines? In Ballinascorney???

Someone’s taking the mickey…

The Pines, that is the real Pines, is at the top of Whitehall Road in D12.

And unlike any mere ‘property’ it can never have a price attached to it.

The rumour was that Walt Disney was on holiday visiting some relatives in Perrystown and went out for a pint on a Thursday night. The experience of visiting The Pines inspired what we now know as ‘Disneyland’. 100% TRUE / FACT!

now 795k … lin/219789

675k … lin/219789

Interesting area. A long way from any public transport links.
Not the sort of house that a 9-5 corporate slave who works in the city centre and doesn’t have a car should buy.
Somebody wealthy with a business near tallaght might find it ideal. Maybe the kind of place a publican would have bought 20 years ago?

I used to cycle up that Ballinascorney hill as a kid. Absolutely heartbreaking. The gradient is like something out of the Tour De France.

This ended up selling for €499K