The poor quality of "new builds"

Following on from the low BER scoring of many new builds and the issues with pipes feeding water into new builds not being laid deep enough to prevent them freezing, comes a revelation that, some at least, were lethal

Just anther example of how the political ineptitude, or possibly worse, pandering to their paymasters, resulted in no regulation.

Blue Horseshoe

Self regulated banks lending to self regulating construction companies all under the eye of a self regulating government.

On the upside, they should be easy to knock down

Was talking to a builder friend of mine and he said, quite casually, that the expected lifespan of most houses built in the last decade was 35 years. I was shocked but then he said that a lot of the 60s builds had an expected lifespan of 40 years and cited the Mespil flats and the apartments at the bottom of Appian way. I don’t know if anyone else can confirm this information but it seems odd that people are able to take out 30 year mortgages on these kinds of properties.

By the way the company responsible for building the crocks of shit mentioned by the OP is called CoalPort - it’s director lives in Ailesbury Rd - he’s also a former hunger striker, good Marxist I’d say, looking after the interests of the workers. XX

In the case of some (not all) timber frame houses from particular vendors the expected lifespan is 15 years before serious renovation is necessary. Measure the centres between the studding and floor joists, the material used for flooring (which will sag) and the quality of the timber grade used (the coillte stamp put on it may not reflect the grade). Of course you won’t see that since it’s all hidden from view.

A lot of drains are not at the correct depth or gradient away from the house and susceptible to blockage.

More info here

I rent a house that is 40 years old, and was talking to my next door neighbour over the weekend. He was asking if I could hear the TV in his living room as he often has the volume up high as his hearing is weak, I replied not a sound to be heard.

The guy is living in the estate since they were built, he claimed that the wall between us is 3 blocks thick (fire prevention). Houses are perfect 1,200 sq ft, retain heat well. Would buy if they were reasonably priced

My brother’s house is 40 years old as well. His next door neighbours raised two kids and barely ever heard them at all.

In the apartment I rent in I can hear it when the guys above me take a piss.

Now that’s progress.

Developers ‘submitted dud fire certs’

The ma’s house is about 45 years old, semi-d, there’s a family with teenagers next door and you can’t hear a thing, ever. Good solid well-built house, you can sense as soon as you walk in that this is a house of substance that isn’t going to fall over in a strong breeze. It should be good for another 45. Every recently-built house I was ever in in Galway, you could hear the people next door (or upstairs in apartment blocks) taking a leak. Some of the recent stuff is truly dreadful, but all of it is of pretty poor quality. Very few units built after 2001 will last even 20 years.

So how long d’ye think it’ll be before the State-sponsored mass demolition scheme gets up and running to bulldoze all this crap? All those ghost estates and empties, given the appallingly low build quality, are going to be in pretty bad shape by 2015 - a lot of them will be half-collapsed by that stage.

Something does not have to be solid to be sound proof.
Its about design and then the application of that design in reality.
As is evident neither Regulation nor the Planning Process ensured any of this.

It makes you wonder what of the point of paying so much money in Taxes & Cost of Home.

However when you realise the BANKS get your taxes and the BANKS have your Mortgage then you truly can understand the important work of the BANK ROBBER.

Am living in one of the O’Carroll-built apartments in the Gasworks and to be fair, cannot hear a thing from anyone around. In fact, it’s rather pleasant to hear the outside fountain through the airvents; otherwise it would be too quiet. Ironically, it seems he started upping the quality of his builds around the peak.


People living in Ghost Estates generally find them peaceful too! :smiley:

What I have noticed since I moved to Dublin, I am renting a 10 year old house.

Fuppin 9" cavity blocks, at home they are not considered good enough to build an outhouse, however in Dublin they built houses with them. :imp:
Badly insulated, walls roof and floors. snow melted very quickly, cannot keep the house warm, when a gale blows the temp in the bedroom drops 5 degrees.
Draughts come from around the windows in some of the rooms, window frames are showing signs of rot on the outside.
Cardboard Doors, fitted unevenly in the door frames, some don’t close properly.
Postage stamp of a garden had 3 times the space in Cork, kids play on the road because the houses are packed in tightly with few green spaces.
Soulless sprawl of houses with no heart to the community, A comunity cannot grow around a Spar, a chipper and an off-licence.

Trading at €620,000 in 2007 :unamused:

A friend of mine, a carpenter, who lived for years here in the US, moved back to Ireland about 2005
He told me that some of the guys building timberframe houses were putting single 2x4 studs on corners and door frames etc, where its code to double stud these areas for better stability and strength
He couldn’t believe that for the sake of a savings of about 100e( his guess) the builders would really decrease the strength of the structure

The burglars have already figured this out and a favourite mechanism for break ins is to apply force with a sledge hammer to a door jamb rather than the door itself. This is prevalent in apartment break ins.

I would stainless steal sheet the inside of wall surround around the door with it fixed to the sides walls if it opening onto a narrow passage way. See how they like that. :smiling_imp:

It wouldn’t be too expensive either.

Another horror story I was told by a carpenter I had working for me was studding (agian 2x4) in a develop off the N7 maybe somewhere near Saggart was mostly full of mould. The foreman or builder refused to use anything else. Nice. Pre-installed internal structural mildew. No extra cost. Nice.

I have no idea what estate it is but possibly hundreds of houses.

The reason I found this out one day we where out buying 2x4 and I was choosing the choice lengths dry and fungus free. It was then he told me the story. :open_mouth:

You could give it a shot! :stuck_out_tongue:

Now you know why so many people built a one off as fast as they could instead of waiting for some jerry built estate kip to disintegrate around their heads. Sadly the last entrants to the pyramid will never be able to escape the crumbling wrecks they bought.