The pornification of daily life - regime rationalizes what it has allowed to occur


Interesting this would pop up on the day I was out in my front garden working and a group of boys and a girl (6 to 10 years old) were there on bikes. They teased one who didn’t know what 69 was, which I remember from my own time as an 8 year old. But now one boy had a phone so he pulled it out and looked up a tube site to everyone’s entertainment/bemusement/disinterest.

It’s like a WW2 convoy. You’re only as good at moderating content and controlling technology as the worst parent in your child’s friend group.

Coincidentally I saw some YouTube adverts in yesterday’s telegraph highlighting safety controls to stop what children can access.


I can’t imagine the Irish Times would have written about this 20 years ago. It’s a salacious tabloidy story. But I suppose it mocks a kink of straight men so Globohomo is comfortable mocking it rather than say mocking a bathhouse in Temple Bar.