The pornification of our Youth & our Daily Life - the regime rationalizes what it has allowed to occur

You could point to social decay. But really is this about propagandizing degeneracy. It might be real. But real or not, it’s not behind a paywall so the idea is to normalize a really extreme pervert narcissicism and a disturbed masculinity. A society that has elevated sex so much higher than spirituality.

The “advice” seems to be ‘Be a pervert narcissist but remember consent & STD precautions’

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I tell ya that’s totally made up for sure, think of it as their “customer profile” said out-loud, bored husband…bit of bum play…threesome… the odd man… , but that does no detract from what it is designed to do.

It’s like the Chris Barry days (is he still going?)the “callers” yea, in various rooms in the building, callers… :icon_rolleyes:

Turn it all off.

Let the Menace media implode. Do not give the fire any more oxygen.

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The manner of expression is suspicious alright. I
would have agreed with you once. But then I saw some Transgender sex workers in my old apartment complex with their customers. Now this story seems unlikely but not impossible. Pornification has changed everything. A cohort of men have seen so much oral sex…tens of thousands of scenes…they want to have a go themselves.

I take a different view. While I don’t wish to give them publicity, I will point out the decline in morality and call it such.

This is the “columnist”

Basically a student at DCU. The questions in these pieces are fabricated by her.

Not only does she not have any relevant professional qualifications in any way she will be working for little or nothing for each byline published. A small fraction of what columnists like that would have been paid 20 or 30 years ago. IMM are bankrupt and would have been declared insolvent and wound up by its Belgian owners if had not been for the huge government subsides over the last two years.

So a dead newspaper, slowly rotting from the head. They publish that drivel because its very cheap and generates click throughs. No other reason. So makes their online metrics look less catastrophic than it actually is.

The sort of real journalist who wrote these columns decades ago usually had no professional qualifications either but always had a deep and daily knowledge of the real world. All of it. Not just some tiny bubble. I got to hang out with journalist friends back then. Now that was a real education.

And often the questions published were genuine. The national papers did get lots of post for these columnists. So what was written back then was usually basic common sense.

So best to consider columns like the ones above as pure fiction. Written by someone who knows nothing but is very politically motivated. I’d also bet that in twenty years time she will single, living with cats, and very bitter. Thats what happened to the previous generation of “columnist” with her feminist politics.

So just propaganda. As you already knew.

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And the PHDs everywhere - two a penny - ignore.

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They say bigger/plainer girls try harder in bed. In these times one of them parlaying those experiences into a career is to be expected I suppose.

It was a rhetorical point but yes, it is always good to know the form or basis for the implosion, i.e. nothing new under the sun.

Society seems to be experiencing some aspects of Calhoun’s ‘behavioural sink’ while also following Unwin’s societal regression.
Why Sexual Morality May be Far More Important than You Ever Thought


Good article. It references Mary Eberstadt’s Primal Screams which is an interesting & easy read. Eberstadt is game enough to include a critique of her book as an appendix which notes that she refuses to acknowledge the role of Libertarian Capitalist in destroying social stability.

More low standards from Irish Times

  • there’s more porn than ever
  • there’s nothing wrong with porn (because nothing is ever wrong)
  • things are getting worse
  • smashing the “patriarchy” will fix the world

McKee says. “You don’t want pornography to be your child’s only source of information about sex.”
“Not because it’s harmful per se, but there are things it does well and things it doesn’t. And what it doesn’t do well is talk about consent.”

McKee does suggest one fix to solve the problems with both pornography research and sexual education simultaneously: “Smash the patriarchy.”

Pornography consumption has been linked with a wide range of harms: mental health issues, sexually risky behaviour, gender-based violence, gender stereotypes, unrealistic expectations, body image issues, poor relationships, bodily shame, sexual coercion, sexual aggression, sexism, and sexual objectification.
But in reviewing the huge body of work, McKee and his team’s main finding was that pornography research is contradictory, incomplete and often biased.

But as digital disruption hit the pornography industry, things changed. Firstly through mainstream pornography becoming widely available on the internet, then through the advent of websites such as OnlyFans, where anyone with a mobile phone can create sexually explicit material for paying subscribers. Brownfield, who is a feminist pornographer and film-maker herself, calls the latter a “democratisation” of the industry.

Pretty shocking stuff. You could call this a “Crime of Progressivism” because it is a consequence of the sex positive, liberal, pornified culture that feminist Ireland created.

This really struck me - we don’t get to learn their names. The boys get to benefit from their families reputations. But a full assessment of the families reputations includes their actions. So on this logic we are entitled to their names.

The investigating garda agreed with defence counsel for the second boy that his client had admitted his behaviour was unacceptable and wrong. His client had shown genuine remorse when interviewed by gardai.
His client is from a “decent, hardworking” family who are shocked by his actions.

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The radio news led with this story today of deficiencies in “Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services”. SF and Micheal Martin made calls and responses to it.

But there’s an inherent fault to their framing of the story. They think more psychiatrists or better psychiatrists would be an answer. Rather than accepting that the society that “progressive Ireland” has created sickens an increasing proportion of children

  • they live in smaller families without the support of siblings
  • they live in chaotic family units with step families
  • they’re sexualized early
  • they’re babysat by devices

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Like every social problem RTE deals with, it gets coverage only as a case for more funds from the State trough for some civil service outfit or other. They don’t do underlying causes.

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