The premium attached to area - D6/D14

I’m looking for some views on what kind of premium you might expect to be attached to a house in D6 specifically contrasting with D14.

So if you took a detached house in D14 with x bedrooms and abcd square footage what premium would be attached for the same spec in D6? Are you talking double the price? More? Less? Assume that neither are period houses and both are in walk-in condition.

As a separate issue I’m wondering how much impact on price garden size has when you’re talking about a family house. Are there any ‘norms’ or is it all a bit random?

During the recession the good citizens of Ireland are no longer required to pay a premium for houses in salubrious suburbs.

During the recession the good citizens of Ireland will pay a discounted price for houses within a stones throw and/or slingshot of knackers.

D14 has a crappy bus service so you need to be close to the LUSA D16 isn’t bad but you want to be far from the shopping centre as the traffic back up there’s more to it than post code but if you want hard numbers 42 to the base 13

The areas are way too diverse to make a blanket judgement. For example, I would much prefer a house on Butterfield Avenue or Ann Devlin Road (D14) than Cypress, Templeville Road or Terenure Road North (D6 and 6W). So I think the idea of a premium for D6/D6W doesn’t really make sense.

D14 is awash with 3/4bed semis with a garage, garden and parking ie good family homes. These are like gold dust in D6, not so much D6w but that’s a whole different ball game, so you’ll be paying a large premium for supply and demand as well as for the fact that D6 has a lot of other advantages over D14. How much of a premium? God I don’t know, maybe 50%?

Yes there’s definitely diversity of area. I’m really contrasting houses only a couple of km from eachother - from the borders of D14 to the Dartry/Rathgar/Rathmines/Terenure parts of D6.

And yes the comparison is of good family homes.

Keep the opinions coming! Thanks.

there was a previous discussion about this /viewtopic.php?f=10&t=23934

Interesting reading federov. Thanks. But very specific to Ranelagh.

We currently live in D14. For a variety of logistical reasons it would be easier for us if we lived in D6 (parts of it). But I’ve no particular interest in D6 per se, and absolutely no interest in period houses so find it hard to appreciate what kind of premium they may command.

The price differential between what our house has been valued at and what something similarish is on the market at is astounding. Personally I think the house in D6 is overpriced even given where it is, but maybe I just don’t truly appreciate the ‘value’ of living in D6. Hence my question.

Maybe the price is justified given it is a good sized family home with off-street parking and a great garden. Maybe I’m just not cut out for D6 :smiley:

I think the historical data will give you the answer to this. For instance prices for Orwell in Templeogue seem to track prices in Marian, Rathfarnham pretty closely. 3 Bed semis were asking around 550-570 at the peak. No doubt somebody will contradict me on that but you get the point.

I’ll do some trawling and see what the historical premium has been.