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Pretty Charts (more info and links here)


Pretty Charts (more info and links here)


Hi ps

Again, thanks for putting all this stuff together, it’s invaluable to some of us to see these changes in colouredy chart form!


Ta. You’re more than welcome.


Pretty Charts (more info and links here)


Pretty Charts (more info and links here)


Pretty Charts (more info and links here)


Pretty Charts (more info and links here)


Pretty clear that asking prices have levelled off in pricier parts of Dublin for now. I’d expect to see it in sale prices soon.

Rest of country has a bit to go yet.

As for rents, astonishing to see that median monthly asking price is €2,200 in Dublin, with no signs of slowing down.


Yeah, there’s always some noise in these data but a downward trend in Dublin South asking prices seems firmly established now. Also allegedly backed up by sales prices at the higher end. The rest of the county apart from Dublin West seems to be flatlining. Anecdotally, from individual ads, it seems to me that property at the lower end is still getting crazier. People are managing to stretch themselves a bit further within CB lending limits, but the upper end has tapered off.

Btw, this might be a good time to point out / remind that ‘Dublin South’ and ‘Dublin North’ on refer to south city and north city. Some time ago they added ‘Dublin South County’ and ‘Dublin North County’ but I haven’t added it so far due to lack of historical data. I may go back over the data in due course once there’s enough back figures to make it worthwhile.


Thanks for all your work on this subject ps200306.

We’re eyeing up a move back next year and we’ll have work options in most regional centres so it’s good to have a clear view on long term trends to help us weigh up our options.


Here’s a new experimental version of the My Home asking prices chart. NCD and SCD prices are included back to the last quarter of 2016, which is all the data I’ve got. There’s another feature I’ve been meaning to do for a long time – the ?s=xxx parameter in your browser’s address bar will change as you select different statistics with the radio button. That means you can copy and embed links to particular charts in mails/posts. I’ll eventually retrofit it to all the other charts if it looks ok.

EDIT: I see the browser back button doesn’t work properly if you switch via the radio buttons. I’ll see if that can be fixed.
EDIT2: Fixed.


Thanks for a much needed breakdown. From my experience, the worst areas in NCD are indeed finally experiencing a strong uplift. Even some desperate buyers around who have been repeatedly outbid on properties. I’d say those areas could keep running up for the next three years.


Latest Central Bank quarterly arrears figures are out.

There is also a report on the CB website about the stubborn persistence of long term mortgage arrears. It concludes that “while the number of mortgages in long-term arrears continues to fall, the pace of reduction each quarter has begun to slow; For the first time, as many loans are exiting the portfolio of the main banks as are “curing” to lower arrears states”. But we still have a much higher rate of arrears than is tolerated in any other country, and a high percentage of the long term arrears have never engaged with their banks. See the O’Malley report here – … lity-notes.

It’s a little out of date as it uses the Q1 figures. The latest quarterly figures show the pace of exit from long term arrears went up again, I would guess due to ongoing sales of delinquent mortgages to vulture funds. The remaining number is still very significant. Even just considering those in more than two years of arrears, in round figures it’s about 40k accounts with €4 bn of arrears on €10 bn worth of mortgages. That’s including PDH and BTL whereas the aforementioned report only considers PDH.


Pretty Charts (more info and links here)


Fascinating graphs and info.
Many thanks for it all!


Pretty Charts (more info and links here)


Pretty Charts (more info and links here)


Pretty Charts (more info and links here)


Pretty Charts (more info and links here)