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Do apartments in the straight-to-rent schemes get advertised individually on Daft? If they are advertised en bloc or as a single representative property then I’ll only pick them up as a single ad and they won’t move the needle on volume, median or average. (There’s a similar problem with block sales on the PPR). Anyone have an address for a known block scheme that they could look up on Daft?


I am nearly sure it is just one per type (i.e. 1bed, 2 bed, 3 bed) in the complex at various price points. I can think of Capital Dock, it appears to be 2/3rd’s empty (not surprising given what they are looking for).


Thanks beattie. So depending on the number of block rentals available, my Daft rental stats may be missing a large chunk and therefore be way off the mark.


Latest CSO residential price index will be out later in the morning. In the meantime, DNG have just released their own Q3 price analysis, available here. They admit rather reluctantly that “prices fell marginally across the capital in the three months to September”. Here’s are just two snippets from it on Dublin house prices:

I would have said that when the quarterly rate of change is more negative than the annual rate, you’re looking at quite a major change in trend. The change was -1.4% for the quarter vs. -1.3% annually for second hand houses in Dublin. But even starter home prices – for which DNG say demand is robust – have “recorded a very small decrease”. I’d have said -0.8% in a quarter in the strongest market segment is significant. DNG still maintain that prices will be “broadly flat” for 2019 but that sounds a bit euphemistic to me. As others have done, they put it down to CB rules and an increasing number of new builds.


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Hard to know what to make of those numbers - some sign that the decline hasn’t gotten “declinier” and that effectively we’re close to that rarest of things in the Dublin property market - equilibrium? Prices at the top-end seem to be the weakest which would support the affordability argument.

It’ll take a couple more months to really see I suppose.


Agreed. I was surprised to see the CSO numbers showing a bit of an uptick in the August index. Somewhat goes against the DNG numbers and my own asking price numbers. We can be thankful for the CB rules at least – long may they last. Still the only thing standing between us and a rapid return to property boom and bust.