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Thanks again PS.

The rental market has plateaued. Average rent for 2bed apartments is 2.2K, where it was 18 months ago (but still way too high relative to disposable income).

The Daft rental index will be a bellwether for the longer term economic impact of COVID-19. So many staff are being asked to work from home, so many are being suspended with/without pay. Students are all going home.

My guess is that landlords (including institutions) will take the hit for a couple of months but not longer. There will be a glut on the market in May. Just in time for a SF inspired rent freeze.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Pretty Charts (more info and links here )



Normal service resumed on Daft stats. Number of apartments to rent seems to be at an all time high (but still not very high).


The huge influx of 2bed apartments at crazy 3k plus rents is making it’s impact felt. Remember these are asking prices folks - and Capital Dock is 50% empty. Presumably the supply will impact prices (as well as the possible reduction in demand from Coronavirus - a couple I know are heading back to Brazil this week - they both work in the Service industry - both their jobs are gone - and yes, you can get flights - via Lisbon - but who knows how long that will last)


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I should point out that my Daft scrape doesn’t pick up the multiple ads at all (search for apartment rentals in Dublin City to see examples on the first page). I only pick up single ads. There’s only one apartment in Capital Dock picked up in this week’s scrape, for instance, as it appeared on an individual listing.

Even at that, I notice that the volume of apartments available on the Pretty Chart is at its highest ever.


In short, the volume is always understated, but by a varying factor.

Would that be a fair summary of the scraping accuracy?


I’d like to say yes. But the Daft format changed in the last month and I’ve had to fix my scraper. I don’t know whether there were any multiple ads until now. But anyway, I’ll still hazard a “yes”. Even if the multiple ads were included there would still be only one per property type in somewhere like Capital Dock, so would not properly reflect the empties.


I had a quick scan - it looks like for most of the new developments its one per type. There is an awful lot around Grand Canal Quay in that over 3.5k/month category. There seem like a few possible suggestions for this - 1, that’s where all the new development has been and its just coming on stream, 2 - there was a management edict on AirBnb lettings in at least one of the blocks down there , 3 - All the companies around there are reducing their executive travel - even if they had long contracts (and I don’t think many of them did) they will have done a deal to get out quick. Google have their own blocks coming on stream (once the concrete problem is solved) - they’re probably betting that the end of the Coronavirus will meet the end of their building program. Much of that high end is supported by short term high flyer placement - even in the good times there wasn’t enough to support the available supply - there certainly won’t be now.

It’ll be worth looking at the asking rents for the high end over the next few months - I’ll be very surprised if they don’t come down dramatically.


There’ll be a fire sale.


Added to that is the avalanche of new supply in that range that will hit the market in the next 12 months…


I think we’ll be seeing a lot more from you beattie


I created some simple daft searches for the amount of 2 bed/bath (apartments) in D2/4 as these are probably the target market of the high flyers working in the Silicon Dock/GCD general area. It will be interesting to see where this trend goes over the next few months (obviously as has been pointed out earlier in thread the multiple ads will skew the actual availability)

16 Mar

Price    Amount

2-2.5k    20
2.5-3k    55
3-3.5k    24

24 Mar

Price    Amount Increase

2-2.5k     34    (+14)
2.5-3k     70    (+15)
3-3.5k     32    (+8)


Pretty Charts (more info and links here )



Number of Dublin apartments on Daft is up 30% since the start of February (usual caveats about multiples). Rental costs showing a bit of a dip.


app died, no charts :confused:

Came here just to see if this reddit was right with bigger dataset;


The reddit is interesting.


Rental supply coming on quite quickly. This may be airbnbs becoming available for long term rent.


Yep, also spotted a few outside Dublin appearing on daft listings. Not a tsunami yet, but notable in regional supply constricted markets.


One crisis solving another.