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As the globalist steroids ware off on the Irish Economy, all bets are off.


Supply now starting to bunch at the lower price range. Probably a few in the 2-2.5k range have slipped under 2k but I wasn’t tracking that.

11 Apr

 Price    Amount

 2-2.5k    44 (+10)
 2.5-3k    64 (-6)
 3-3.5k    21 (-3)


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The CSO have rebased the Residential Property Price Index from January 2005 = 100 to 2015 (avg) = 100. I’m still using their compatibility mode above, but will switch to the new base next month. More info here.


A marked increase now in the lower and upper ranges in last 10 days since I last ran this. Regarding the latter I attribute this mainly to units which are unlikely now ever to be let whilst remaining at this price point. Since I first started collating this in Mid March there has been a tripling of supply in the lower range.

21 Apr

    Price     Amount      Delta

     2-2.5k     60        (+16)
     2.5-3k     61        (-3)
     3-3.5k     29        (+8)


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See charts above. Apartment availability is going through the roof (in relative terms)! Average monthly rent on a two bed is at its lowest in over two years, and nearly two years for a one-bed. The median prices are not quite so much changed, which probably means the upper end is getting hammered.


Supply is indeed going through the roof…should be a quadrupling in the lower bracket here compared with Mid March…will be interesting to see if this starts to clear once restrictions are lifted and people can go out and view places…I expect LL’s in the 2.5k+ range might be getting some calls after that…

01 May

  Price  Amount  Delta

  2-2.5k   77     +17
  2.5-3k   67     +6 
  3-3.5k   31     +2


Strange thing near me - there’s a block of old apartments - probably 60’s but could even be 50s. It has a small car park that was always pretty full - there’s 12 apartments and about 16 car spaces. in the last two weeks the car park has virtually emptied - I walk past it regularly and only ever see 4 or 5 cars now. I went out last night about 10 to see if the flats were occupied - only about 6 have lights - I can’t really tell about the ones at the back as there is another building in the way. I thought it might be Irish people heading back down the country (e.g. students, folks working from home) but there were very few Irish in it. I’m not sure if people from other countries are still heading home (can they?) but presumably they would have just left the cars (they were all old junkers anyway small 03,04,05s and bigger 90s things (BMWs etc)). Anyone any thoughts? I did hear a lovely (presumably apocryphal) story about 4 polish lads who drove home a few weeks ago but I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t be possible given the countries you’d have to pass through.


I know of quite a few (single) people who relocated down the country before lockdown was implemented. Would there have been the possibility for people to arrange flights home to other countries in the time available? There have been reports on Brazilian forums of many rooms being offered so maybe people moved around for cheaper accommodation. Quite a few nannies from the likes of South America (if they were paid cash in hand) would not have been eligible for the SW payment I assume? In that case they might have been forced to move to somewhere cheaper and pretty sharpish…


Noticed the same in a block beside me. Where 80% of apts would have had a light on at 10pm on Monday night, it’s more like 40-50% now (city centre). A friend in tech told me many of his European colleagues based in Dublin are working from their native countries and aren’t eager to physically return.


So COVID exposed airbnb and short term rent impact on “so called housing crisis”…Is this in mainstream yet?


Yes quite mainstream


So mainstream that there are already vested interests saying that it only had a ‘minor impact’ - there was an article from one of the EAs stating this in the Sunday Business Post . :grin:


If a ‘minor impact’ like that has caused rents for 1 & 2 bed apts to go back to levels last seen 2 years ago what would a major impact have :smiley:



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The CSO have rebased the Residential Property Price Index from January 2005 = 100 to 2015 (avg) = 100 . More info here . I’m using the new base from here on in.


Mid month update. A huge increase in availability in the lower range in last two weeks or so and it appears stock levels at other levels have stabilised. Given it is now 2 months since I first collated there numbers I included a % delta since then. The numbers speak for themselves…

18 May

    Price  Amount  Delta  %Change since 16 Mar
    2-2.5k   99     +22        +500%
    2.5-3k   70     +3          +27%
    3-3.5k   33     +2          +38%


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Asking prices on and selling prices on the PPR seem pretty flat, albeit the latter is a lagging indicator. Dublin apartment rentals continuing to drop though – median price is not that much changed but average has plummeted 15% since February, suggesting the higher end is getting hit. The reason why is clear from the volume of lets available which is through the roof: up circa 90% since February!


Asking prices in Dublin 1 and Dublin 2 down 17% and 10% respectively yoy.

Hasnt happened elsewhere but will be interesting to see whether this ripples outward from central Dublin.

Anyone remember if anything like that occurred during the last crash? Ie began in Dublin city centre and lagged elsewhere.

Youd have to assume that landlords in central areas would be more aware of the direction of future market trends etc


If you’re going by my quarterly chart, I’d advise against it. Sample sizes for the individual Dublin post codes are too low to be reliable.