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Central Bank Q2 mortgage arrears report is out:

Report is here . The good news:

PDH mortgage accounts in arrears decreased by 6,645 accounts in Q2 2020, driven by a decrease of 6,627 accounts in early arrears (i.e. less than 90 days).

The not-so-good caveat:

This decrease can be largely attributed to an unwinding of the increase in the previous quarter, in part owing to
the introduction of Covid-19 payment breaks towards the end of the previous quarter.

It sounds like the good news is probably just deferred bad news, till whenever the payment breaks end.


Updates for October:

Median rental price on a Dublin one-bed slightly down. Asking prices for Dublin houses on are up. Sales volumes on the PPR are down. Make of it what you will.


CSO Residential Proprty Price Index for August out today:

  • Down 0.6% nationally in the year to August,
  • slightly up outside Dublin,
  • down 1.6% in Dublin,
  • down 3.4% in Dublin city,
  • up 1.7% in Fingal.

#448 latest quarterly report shows a 5% jump in asking prices nationally q-on-q. Wouldn’t attach much weight to that because the market is fragile but it shows that sellers are not panicking.

Supply is picking up but remains at much lower levels than before the pandemic

New listings for sale on MyHome have returned close to 2019 levels through July to September,


The stock of residential properties listed for sale on the MyHome website in September was 17,800 - still down 25% on 2019 levels.

On the other hand, demand seems to be strong and may be driven by a perception that there are bargains to be had.

In our recent sentiment survey, 53% of prospective homebuyers expected prices to fall over the next 12 months and 50% felt that now was a good time to buy property.

A home office is now a “must have” for many prospective buyers:

73% of homebuyers said that COVID-19 had changed their outlook on buying property, with significant numbers saying that they would look to secure a home office (43%), garden/playroom (40%) and look further afield (23%).


Looks like daft reports no longer produced as they have changed their website. I wonder was there a request from agents to remove the increase/decrease notifications.


Is there a button on this site to DM? I’d like to contact the OP if possible, thanks.


I don’t read or visit thepropertypin any more. I still get email notifications for threads I started, like this one. The link up-thread to the Pretty Charts google site will continue to work and I continue to update stats there. Unfortunately, Daft changed their website last month (maybe to deter scrapers like me), so I’ve had to discontinue the rental stats. If anyone wants to contact me you can use this e-mail:


Thanks for your great work. It’s been the only thread I open the pin to check for anymore but I follow your link too.

Pity the rentals stats aren’t trackable as there’s five years of construction hitting the market now.