The price of agricultural land in Ardee, hi.

Tenant tillage farmer allegedly bought 50 acres at EUR 16,000 an acre from landlord.
Tenant dairy farmer has offered EUR 4,167 an acre for 72 acres to the receiver.

There’s a wide disconnect there. Who’s closer to the market? … 79230.html

Is there much of a time difference between the two deals? The Wicklow People newspaper reports this week that land in the county is down 56% in one year. Not based on many transactions though, but certainly Agri land is falling like a rock… Why a farmer would buy land @ 16k/acre for a 1% yield is beyond me. The other offer of 4.2k/acre is realistic, but I’d be surprised if we’re there yet.

I just had a chat with an English farmer (from south of London) who informed me that “in the last few years, land prices over there have gone mad”
When I inquired as to his definition of “mad” his reply was that land had " gone from around 3000 pounds per acre to 5000 pounds"

At the height of the madness in Ireland ag land was fetching approx E25K per acre.

Alot of land will rent in Ireland in 2010 fro about €50 to €100 per acre. Hence for agricultural pruposes it worth about €1000 per acre. Futhermore as very few houses will be built in rural ireland in next 20 years there will be no demand fro sites - alot of rural ireland will move to urban areas in next 20 years as that will be where the jobs will come.