The price of Gold

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Golden logs!


Wait…how is the gold/silver/palladium/vanadium getting into the waste in the first place?


yeah - what he said…


Theres a lot of it in cosmetics, well molecules per person but it all adds up. Probably some accumulation to the top of the food chain the way tuna is full of mercury and lead aswell, I remember stories years ago of untouchables in India panning in the sewers for fine gold.


Even from domestic sources, vanadium will come at least in low concentrations from abrasion and corrosion of a variety of steel products; at least a little gold from abrasion of dental fixtures; silver as an antimicrobial agent from textiles, possibly also from gold dentistry, then also in the past lots of it from photographic processing, though less now; gold and silver from abrasion of jewellery.

Palladium is an interesting one. Two of the biggest uses are for catalytic converters in ICEs and to stabilise the silver electrodes in solid state capacitors during sintering and prevent the electrodes from diffusing into the dielectric. This would suggest leaching from poorly handled waste streams. Gold and silver would enter the waste stream from electronics in the same way.

Remember that the effluent going into a wastewater plant contains much more than just faeces, urine and water.


And in the complete opposite to this a team of DLR inspectors are currently going around a large part of DLR checking where dirty water is getting into a large stream in that area. I spoke with a DLR inspector and he told me that they have already found more that 100 toilets and showers plumbed in with outlets going straight into the rainwater drains!


Anyone here had any dealings with ?


I found them pretty good to deal with.


Same, they’re good.


Anybody know a good place to sell gold? GC only buy back gold that you bought from them.



Some here might buy from you, saving both parties the usual margin cost.

#4153 very good and efficient.

I’ve delt with them before. Located in the Guinness enterprise centre in D8


Would you recommend buying some British sovereigns: … rrency=EUR


unless they have drastically improved there operation , I would strongly recommend against using that company , I bought off them in 2011 and they would not buy back the following year unless I allowed them a 6% sur charge

I sold to goldcore instead who ive always found excellent


that used not to be the case


Thanks for the replies!


The premium on buying sovereigns is higher than, for example, a Krugerrand. However they have the advantage of being more affordable to the average private buyer because of their smaller size/value when it comes to selling them.

Also if you happen to be tax resident in the UK you’d be mad to buy anything other than sovereigns as they are exempt from CGT under UK tax law.


Never knew that.


Sovereigns (and Gold Britannia Coins) are treated as just another form of sterling currency and are therefore exempt from CGT. The coins must be post 1837 to be considered currency.

I’m sure they will get rid of this provision at some stage if they perceive the amount of “lost revenue” to be worth capturing.