The price of Gold


I agree completely, but I believe right now, the fundamentals couldn’t be better for gold.
I’ll obviously sell it at some point, that being when I think there is sanity in the monetary system.
Right now, it’s still on life support - remember the longer low interest rates are in place, the riskier people become investing.


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Forget about gold and shares, think I’ll invest in lego instead. :slight_smile: … -gold.html


Forget about gold and shares, think I’ll invest in lego instead. :slight_smile: … -gold.html


A bit off topic, but maybe someone here can help. A relative of mine recently passed away and left behind a whole pile of old silver coins (just over 2Kg of pre 1920/1947 UK crowns, half crowns and shillings). The family were going to sell these to a coin dealer (who made an obscenely low offer). I ended up paying a little extra over the coin dealer (but still well below spot price).

Any suggestions on where I can dispose of these?


Try they are based in D8 and I’ve always found them easy to use.


In case anyone is in the same predicament, I threw the lot up on Donedeal at spot price. Had someone call that very evening to take the lot away at 2.5% under spot. Much better than the 2/3rd’s of spot the dealer had offered.


Risky business though! “Yeah random stranger drop over and take a look at my gold pile, see you soon”


Why US investors claim half the treasure found in Colombia’s Caribbean - -> … caribbean/


Jan 2016 gold price $1061/977


The big story here it seems in the ongoing weakening in the value of the Euro versus the Dollar.
This has also be seen versus Sterling.
Where to next?


i would seriously advise against using the above crowd , bought off them a number of years ago , when i tried to sell back eighteen months later , they wanted 8% commission , sold to goldcore instead who charged 1%

luckily i got out at the right time ( early 2012 ) having bought in 2010


I am selling more of my 1oz coins (5 of them). If anyone is interested, PM me. I will sell at spot.


Wasn’t sure where to post this… :angry:


That story is 2 weeks old now.

Edit: Ah right, I see what your getting at now. Hat tip to Daniel.


haha, Switzerland a pretty small place – how amazing that they happened to be directly over it when they just had to land;

as somebody who worked in a (real) Swiss bank I can profoundly confirm their total lack of an ethical compass; the only compass they possess points to “money”.


Wasn’t there a Homeland plot about this?

“S05E04: Allison and Saul are embedded within a private medical clinic in Douvaine, Switzerland, where they’re surreptitiously attempting to convince al-Assad’s right-hand man, General Youssef (Igal Naor), to stage a coup so that the U.S. can help him fend off ISIS.”


What the hell’s going on with gold now? It’s up way over 10% in just a month. Is it really because of Yellen’s speech?

There’s sod-all inflation anywhere but Venezuela, so why the gold?


To compliment the shotguns & beans!


**Deutsche Bank settles U.S. gold, silver price-fixing litigation
** … SL2N17H1OS

*Terms were not disclosed, but both settlements will include monetary payments by the German bank. Deutsche Bank also agreed to help the plaintiffs pursue claims against other defendants.

The plaintiffs accused Deutsche Bank of conspiring with Bank of Nova Scotia, Barclays Plc, HSBC Holdings Plc and Societe Generale to manipulate prices of gold, gold futures and options, and gold derivatives through twice-a-day meetings to set the so-called London Gold Fixing.

They also accused Deutsche Bank, HSBC and ScotiaBank of a similar conspiracy to manipulate silver prices by rigging the daily Silver Fix.*