The property bull thread reasons to buy now.

This thread is exclusively for Bulls.

the pin used to have a reasonable proportion of property bulls

I am worried that we will become so up ourselves thatevery bullish voice is drowned out just like every bear was pre 06.

this thread is for people who disagree and think we’re all just wrong.

only positive stuff about the market here.

if you wish to rebutt link or quote but use a different thread just to have one place on the pin to hear the view of those who believe now is a time to buy.

(I miss 2 gaffs posts and hope he returns as one gaff soon)

Never a better time to buy! Heard Tom Parlon speak recently and he said youd want to be a sap buying now (as soon as possible?) 7 times the combined salary of myself and the other half is value particularly at this time because everyone knows 2009 is when the party starts. I want to be holed up in our 2 bed shoebox looking on as prices rise knowing that our step on the ladder is moving at pace! we are going to look at using the equity in our box to fund the purchase of a 1 bed in the south of egypt as ryanair are flying there from may 2009 onwards. shame on the fools on this site that dont know how property works. theres only one place prices go in housing and thats up up up. so long suckers

property backed at 10% icrease per annum as er govt.

shift the prolem onto next generation aferwards, they’ll figure out how to get by

i was being sincere

and you ain’t helpin no matter how funny the post :imp: :confused:


reasons to buy?


Marc Coleman believes prices are on the down but incomes are on the UP by the same amount … 58683.html

That’s a buy people , Marc Coleman says its a good idea. We have had our price drop of 5% so that means prices can only go up from now in Colemanonic Terms

I can only think of generic reasons to buy like

“You are paying off on an asset”
“More security of tenure”
“The ability to renovate and do up the place.”
“All sorts of tax breaks”

That’s the best I can do!

Reasons to buy - trading up?

  • you can move at relatively little marginal cost. The problem is, you have to sell you old house first. So while it is not a bad time to buy if you are trading up, it is a bad time to sell as you will find difficulty getting a completion.

Having said that, if you do manage to sell and hold on for a while renting, you will be able to get more for your money in future!

Strictly speaking, house prices should only be a proplem for First time buyers.

People moving up or down should be able to neutralise the losses between

If was moving from a to b and the relative house prices were similar than what harm.

I’m sure you lot will give good reasons why this is not the case.

  1. Lots of choice?

(Of course, there is more choice coming soon! :open_mouth: )

It is an absolute certainty that most buyers will not guess the bottom of the market anymore than they guessed the top.

So at some, unspecified, time in the future, your decision to buy will be the correct one.

It may not be now. But, then, it may be.

Who the hell knows? A cataclysm like the bombing of nuclear facilities in Iran, or a standoff between the Ukraine and Russia, or a first-world earthquake could throw the whole ball of wool into the air again, as in 1999.

With a resaonable term mortgage, it provides a good savings discipline (the capital repayments).

It is not as expensive as least year.

You won’t have to bid against other buyers and can bid alternative sellers down against each other.

Other potential buyers no longer have the ability to spend beyond their means.

Tougher mortgage conditions, you’ll need to have a deposit saved, so less likely to be tempted into 100% mortgage - negative equity once you turn the key.
Bank is more likely to ensure you don’t overpay (to a certain extent).

Don’t forget that this guy is still out there 8)

Who’s still out there, the phantom of the opera?

The phantom bidder :nin

Delay huge job losses maybe?

The situation varies so much, many different incomes for many types of houses in different areas, all the variables.

I think that there are a too many types of certian properties out there,
eg 1/2 bed apart - 2/3 bed duplex where people eventually (a)get married, (b)have kids (c) are older and are unable for stairs or steps anymore, basicaly need a trade in or something bigger.

Next up, (a)3bed townhouse (b)3 bed end terrace/semi (c)4 bed semi etc all the way up to detached.

Buying now, you can find some great reductions in price as long as you are in it for the long haul.

Mr P Hantom

It’s always a good time to buy…

(here comes the rest of that sentence, usually omitted)

… If the price is right.

If you can find the house you want, and the seller is suitably
motivated/realistic. And you are the kind of person who doesn’t
care if the value of it drops further.

Then buying now could work out very well.


If a relative has died and you really want to keep the house for emotional reasons so you buy out your co-inheritors.

If a unique house that you have long coveted comes on the market.