The property bull thread reasons to buy now.

Ah jesus, what a stupid thread - sorry but someone had to say it.

All the reasons listed as good to buy could be relevant no matter what the market - the right house, unique house, keeping a dead relatives house in the family -

Seriously, how could anyone think that, these reasons aside, it is a good time to buy now (assuming there is no pressing reason you have to buy). I mean fact is house prices are decreasing so even if you’re happy with your repayments you will end up paying more for something you could get for less in a matter of months - in my eyes, if you have a choice yet you still buy then you are either (1) so rich it doesn’t matter or (2) just plain stupid.

I was hoping to see if there were any bulls prepared to say that they think the market is bottoming out.

2gaffs has gone quiet he used to be dismissive of the apocalyptic predictions here.

I wonder would anyone else care to give a genuine unposed argument that actually there is good value in the market?

I was hoping that this thread would be somewhere people who are more bullish could post without being jumped on be everyone.

but it would seem that there is a severe shortage of people believing it’s always a good time to buy.

An indication we’re moving beyond denial?

It may not be a good time to buy now. For most people it isn’t. But it is a better time to buy than at any time in the last five years. Next year it will be a better time still.

Yep, it’s gettin’ better: :smiling_imp:

Getting yourself a “home” is the best reason to buy right now. If you have kids, you need somewhere to put down roots. That applies no matter how turbulent the market is. If you can afford your mortgage, and you are happy to live in the house in the medium to long term, then the vicissitudes of the property market are irrelevant.

You should buy now, but don’t take my word for it, take Jimmy Smith’s word!
Jimmy Smith has listed several ‘foolproof’ reasons why you should buy now :smiley: !

Some more reasons to buy, in case you still were not convinced!

Now is a great time to buy, there has never been so much choice for buyers!

Source: Sponge Bob & Central Statistics Office

Buyers have almost a 50% greater selection than 2002 to choose from.

i was thinking about this since the question was asked and i only thought of the answer a few hours ago. now i see i’ve been beaten to the punch by Ireland is Different. the only logical reason for buying now is choice!