The pub payments for COVID



Anyone else heard of this yet?

A post from a publican in replies…


You lost me at scamdemic…but anyway, here’s were the 5k a week story germinates from:


Yes for someone who continues to say she’s “new to all this” @Diana has certainly jumped balls deep into the conspiracy (or should I say super awake?) side of the internet!


Although not as new as someone @Covidbuyer with an account since only last August…

They’re the screenshots of the tweets. Not my words. I’ve repeatedly said I do believe COVID is a novel coronavirus. However, it’s wave hit is last year. It’s now replaced the flu, and yes is worse than flu, but no I don’t think it warrants decimating the economy, mental health, civil liberties and constitutional rights of the country.


Way to miss the point re my account starting in August. Yes well at least you do admit there is such thing as a coronavirus, unlike others, and the national response to that is very much open to question/ridicule but don’t try to innocently distance yourself now from the OP here that they’re “not your words”. Clearly it is fabricated nonsense from a classic unverified ITK twitter account - as if Leo/Micheal are spinning round handing publicans €5k to keep quiet about the “scamdemic”. Utter garbage. You posted it for a reason.

You also appear more than willing to post items like this on the other threads (Copy/pasted from other forums no doubt), in particular any negative articles you can find on ongoing vaccinations while openly ignoring more positive data coming out of the likes of UK, Israel etc. where very large proportions of the populace have now been vaccinated.


Including the project veritas video of Zuckerberg?

Some of us remember the swine flu vaccine scandals. The polio outbreaks from vaccines in Africa and India. The Tuskegee syphilis experiments.

Bad Pharma by Ben Goldacre is a good read.

All real. Not conspiracy theories. All verifiably, factually real.

Take the vaccine if you want. Just don’t force me to take it. I’m as pro-vaccine as I am pro-marriage. I’ve taken plenty of them before. And I believe in marriage. But don’t force me to take this one any more than you should force me into a shotgun wedding like the Khmer Rouge did.


Straight in with the weak ass ad hominem.


You’ll find I also addressed the ridiculously fabricated content as well, OW. Still trying to get my head around how publican shush money ended in a forced marriage / Khmer Rouge analogy.


Ad hominem opening is not a point… but it must have been your lucky day to even get a reply/bite

False empathy and broad general unsubstantiated casting of aspersions. The usual shyte.

"… and another thing." :roll_eyes:

Gee whizz we’ll always wonder what the reason was or… oh here it comes, it coming, we’re coming out of the preamble about to receive the main info-injection, here it comes we’re getting to the point!

Ad homein + inject: Vaccine is more GOODER

Topic slide… Collect €200 :money_mouth_face:


Fcking hell.

Yes truly honoured to get a reply from not one but now two of the four Pin Horsemen of the Apocalyspe / Oathkeepers / Truth Seekers or whatever your gang is called. All the best.


And who the fuck do you think you are?

I just looked at your posting history here since August. I do not see one single substantive post the whole time you have been here. No postings of original sources or primary sources. No informed contribution to any of the threads here. Just the occasional sniping and posts consisting of the sort of shite that you hear being shouted loudly in pubs by low information tossers who think they know so much just because they are mindlessly parroting the opinions of others they think are “informed”. Little more than stupidity by osmosis.

When you have posted as much original primary source material as the person you attacked, when you have shown that you have even a basic grasp of the subjects being discussed, which the person you attacked has proved in spades on many occasions, then your opinion might be worth listening to and discussed . But until then I suggest you fuck off to the property prices in SCD threads which is where you type of gobshite should stay. (No insult intended towards those just trying to find a home and actually have something interesting to say on other subjects)

So, got anything constructive to add to the discussion? Like actual primary sources or supporting evidence for your opinions? Or are you just going to keep giving us secondhand opinions based on what you read in the I.T and heard on RTE? Which is all I heave seen posted from you so far.


Hang on there d*ckhead, just because you and a few others think you own this site (ultimate echo chamber, which is rather ironic) you have zero right to tell anyone to fck off from a thread! And when have I given “secondhand opinions based on what I hear on RTE”? Such lazy “MSM” narrative bollox you lads love to parrot.

In fact i think a lot of the information you (mainly) and Diana (sometimes) post on Covid statistics is informative and interesting - I have not sought disprove that. Although as I have said in respect of the latter I have zero doubt it’s simply being pulled direct from other online forum posters that aligns with their view and passed off as their own.

My point was on the OP and that the governemnt are demonstrably not going around handing publicans €5k cash to “cover up the scandemic” - this is blatant bullshit, conspiracy nonsense and should be called out as such. It does a disservice to actual real data that is posted elsewhere by the OP.

As for trawling through all my previous posts, christ get a fcking life mate.


You still here, take the others advice.


Sounds bad. As if we don’t have enough problems.


Ad hominem ad hominem ad hominem.

If you don’t like my posts, oh sorry my simply ditsy birdbrained ability to cut and paste things which are obviously beyond my simple comprehension just move on by.

Or instead post primary sources, reports, statistics and debate and rebut my arguments instead of throwing a toddler tantrum.

Instead, expletives, wah wah wah and ad hominem, ad hominem, ad hominem