The public finances disrobed.

Seamus Coffey has two excellent posts on public finances: … ublic.html

and … ciety.html
which has a presentation in it with lots of lovely pictures.
Unless you’re a taxpayer and you think the government spends too much…

Anonymous in the comments of the first post points to Aidan Kane’s spreadsheet of government finances, debt, missing bits etc. which is a many paged miracle: … l=en#gid=0

Great link yogan.

Of course, there is also non voted expenditure which ramps up the expenditure side.

What frustrates me about Irish politics is that if one party had a look at the non voted expenditure, from quangoes to ridiculous semi state pay, they could cut massive chunks out of the deficit.

How would they reward the campaigners who put work into getting them elected if they could give them cussy state jobs?