The Push for Vaccine Passports is ON!



The good news is that US minorities are very unenthusiastic about getting vaccinated. Especially blacks. It’s mostly affluent whites who are most enthusiastic. The difference seems to be at least 15%/20%. So under US Civil Right laws any attempt at a COVID Passport will be found to be discriminatory and “racist”. Under California law anyone can file a Civil Rights complaint which must be acted upon even if they are not the “victim” of the “discrimination”.

So that idea is a complete non-starter.

But the State Dept has just introduced mandatory COVID test for legal entry. Unless you are an illegal immigrant of course. In which case its simple catch and release. No tests. At least 35K already in the pipeline with another 100K plus expected soon. The news out of Central America and the southern states in Mexico is that many hundreds of thousands are getting ready to head to the Rio Grand.


The EO last summer restricted entry from Ireland… was lifted just before Trump left Office, but reinstated by one of Biden’s first EOs. Can’t enter within 14 days of leaving Ireland/UK & various other places.

COVID test is for inbound flights and I see they are proposing it for domestic ones too?


The domestic tests wont fly. So to speak. The only reason they are being talked about is because states like Florida and Texas are pretty much open whereas states like NY, NJ, and MA are still shutdown. So all politics and nothing else.

The big Dem states are catastrophic clusterfucks. All of them. And the Rep states which pretty much followed the science are doing OK. Not sure how things are in NJ and MA but in California the Governor will be thrown out if any halfway decent alternative candidate runs in the recall. Even in LA county there are limits to just how many votes the Dem Party can create to swamp the anti governor vote. And in NY if they can get any traction with the defacto manslaughter case against Cuomo then based on past experience with other Governors there is a reasonable chance he will go to jail for the many thousands of people Cuomo’s very deliberate decisions killed.

So internal tests will not happen. For a start it would make a whole bunch of civil rights class-actions law firms very very rich. So some stupid state governors might try it but expect the lawsuits to follow very quickly. The guy in MN is just stupid enough to try this. As is the guy in WA. So those are the guys to watch.


Found another link, from Resolution 2361 (2021) by PACE (Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the parliamentary arm of the Council of Europe). Not sure if it’s just advisory or binding in any way?



Following Orders

You are still in lockdown-living because the boys and girls pretending to be a legitimate government are only following orders, but they are not the orders of the people

Archived link:



If something is not done soon there will be nowhere left to live.


Twat post about UK COVID passports apparently headlining one of the papers tomorrow…


Irish government is officially supporting EU vaccination certificates.


He makes me physically sick.


He is probably the slimiest most repulsive person in Irish politics since Sean MacBride.

This is an interview with “great Irish Republican” with a strong French accent.

The story of MacBride back-stabbing machinations in the First Inter-Party Government are very Varadkar. Both people catastrophic for the country but I dont think Varadkar will get a Lenin Prize like MacBride did.


Interesting article - asserts that compulsory COVID vaccination would be illegal under federal law, as they are still EUA.

ALL three vaccines authorised for use in the EU are still only authorised under “Conditional marketing authorisation”

CMA medications they should be clearly labelled as CMA for patient consent:

COVID vaccines apparently have some waivers with regards to labeling in order to “take into account the preparedness work of COVID-19 vaccine developers and the associated logistics of early printing packaging activities”:

Other relevant links re EU authorization, in case anyone else is more used to legalise than I am:


The Communist Party launched its domestic “vaccine passport” system Wednesday, despite W.H.O. officials urging countries not to implement such a system due to unequal access to vaccines and the variety in the quality of the available offerings around the world. The “vaccine passport” — A digital certification that confirms a person has received a coronavirus vaccination — joins China’s larger “social credit system,”

Yes nothing at all wrong with the idea in any way shape or form on any level… NPHET should give the CCP a ring and dial Leo on the conference call. Good man Leo. You’ll tell us all about it.


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Such comments in the online comment sections are becoming ten a penny.

Where I work several of my colleagues have had the Astra Zeneca vaccine. Every single one of them became ill with severe side effects afterwards. One guy who was off sick with Covid a few months ago (he claims he had Covid ) said that the side effects of the jab were worse than Covid. Everyone has recovered now, although one person days her arm still aches. I’ve always avoided other vaccines in the past given their poor track record and won’t be taking this one of I can possibly avoid it.

… Well the woman with the sore arm has been off sick for over a week now with a sickness she’s never had before. She’s usually really healthy and she’s not a shirker. From what I understand from a family member she had a fever and liver problems. I reckon the vaccine might have been the catalyst because it was such an unusual thing to happen and just a few days after the jab.


Seen posted elsewhere - no idea if it’s true or not though… but this and/or infection would be a great way to immobilise someone’s military…


Fully Vaccinated HSE staff off work (health reasons)

… who could have imagined such a thing. :thinking:


A handy little primer to remind you of who is really in control of your life.


UK - starting no jab no job with carers…


EU putting the frameworks legislation in place for, “You Have Always Been At War With The Virus” - Digital Green Certificate Regulation probably to be enacted Tomorrow (25th March 2021)