The Push for Vaccine Passports is ON!



New York’s rollout of its vaccine passport already has the markings of a five alarm dumpster fire. The New York State “Excelsior Pass” vaccine passport system, which was created by IBM, has so many issues that I wouldn’t be surprised if the program was scrapped altogether before the end of the calendar year. It has massive security flaws, a shrinking customer base by design, it remains incredibly impractical, and it’s incredibly easy to manipulate.


Again agree. Just doesn’t mean they won’t try and some will go along.


The Menace is everywhere.

Mike Pompeo@mikepompeo


Requiring Americans to show proof of vaccination, or a ‘vaccine passport,’ in order to engage in society is outrageous and un-American. This isn’t about containing a virus, but is just another dangerous idea from the Left in their quest for more power and control.



Rapid Response:

COVID-19 vaccine passports are not evidence-based and violate people’s freedom of choice


This will just collapse under the weight of its own ridiculousness:

Everybody’s just going to do whatever they want this summer and laugh in the face of whoever tries to stop them.


It’s always good to remember what the endgame of all this experimental injection pushing is and who is most eager in the room.