The Quinn Collapse


A daughter of ex-billionaire Sean Quinn has no records of four bank accounts she opened a year ago in Dubai, a court has heard.


So much bullshit coming from that family.


The Quin family, the memory skills of Brian Linehan Snr and the accounting skills of Fr Ted


Yer one must be playing Fr Dougal so … !


How DARE you sir she is a happily married woman…oh sorry you meant PLAYING Fr Dougal :blush:


For 300 + K a year, Euros or Dollars, I’d play the good Father meself … or even PLAY the good Father!


Does anyone know what Aoife did to earn this rather large amount of money??


The contempt of court, the state and of the Irish people is lamentable.


But hasn’t this affair shown that all three are indeed contemptible ?

(i) The pathetic sanction that contempt sentence for the two Quinns, & the non-event for the SiL, has been shown to be. Has it moved us one step closer to the truth ?
(ii) The way the regulator & the rest of the State apparatus failed to notice, or when it did notice, failed to act.
& (iii) The way that some morons masquerading as Irish Citizens are supporting the criminal behaviour of the Quinns, on the basis that they did well out of it, & fuck the other 4.5 million citizens & their families

Banana Republic … we aren’t even worthy of that label :smiling_imp:


Her story keeps getting better. She was paid a salary that was only explained to her after she signed the employment contracts (which she did not read). The money was paid into a Russian bank that sent her no statements by email or post. They sent her notifications by text, but oh no her phone has been stolen.

Her only way of accessing the funds was via a credit card or debit card – she’s not sure which – on which she spent €350,000 over 13 months. She’s not sure on what. Maybe legal fees. She has no receipts. There’s a perfectly good explanation though:

Even St Peter Kelly was inredulous and interrupted the questioning to ask if she was for real. Apparently it’s all Anglo’s fault.

Best read is the RTE story: … edit-card/

Some IT links also … ing41.html … 04145.html

Not sure how’s she’s not in jail… for her own safety if no other reason. The Mansfield Defence cuts both ways.


Ah now, Ward of Court would be more appropriate. Have the Ward Office decide on every spend above a tenner…


Nice one!
Home for the Bewildered material alright - didn’t the Mammy claim similar affliction?
Same ould guff was tried on by Mansfield Jr a few years back - functional illiteracy or somesuch - trying
to wriggle out of mega million loan agreements.
Do we, maybe like, deserve to have had such cute hoor ejitts as the former golden boys
and girls of the Gathered Land?


its amazing to me that with all her money she couldnt afford better eyebrows.




That’s Russian beauty treatments for ye - maybe she paid dollars instead of euros - poor thing didn’t
know the difference!


It’s been said before, but they are not an attractive family.


Gaeilge it can teach us so much

The Irish Name Quinn was originally written as OCuinn which means descendants of Conn.So you could say that the whole family are Conn men and women


If she did take €370K from that russian company and blew it all on a credit card did she pay her income tax on it?

I assume she is tax resident in Ireland so wouldn’t she be liable for Irish income tax on world wide earnings?


Unless I missed it I havent heard or read anyone explaining what she actually DID to “earn” all that lovely money ???