The Quinn Collapse


I was the one who said €500 but I’ve since been reminded it’s actually €800. If I understand the court coverage correctly then neither side is disputing that this is what happened at least on some occasions for which they have records. There was the reference to €5000 being withdrawn over a 20 minute period in Blanchardstown and then €16,000 from Belturbet and Cavan town over a 2 hour period. At that rate it would only take three or four hours a week shuttling between ATMS pulling €20,000 or so each time, to stay current on the draw downs for all five accounts. If they are each doing it individually in amounts of €5,000 per week, and don’t have the same risk of clearing out the machine and having to drive to a new location, then it could probably be done in 20 minutes or so each week.

Regarding the bank getting suspicious, on what basis? Fraud? Money laundering? As I understand it the process when a foreign card is used outside its home country is that the bank that owns the ATM gets a digital authorisation before dispensing cash. So if the Russian bank is authorising each transaction then there is no fraud risk for the Irish bank. For money laundering maybe some alarm bells were rung. Maybe that would explain the mystery about how the IBRC’s legal team got their hands on records about the serial withdrawals mentioned above.


“Wanted, JobBridge Intern. You will learn how to operate an automatic teller machine. Must have strong wrists”.


Thick skin, brass neck and an inability to form long term memories!


oh, the innocence! This is Ireland, no chance…
a/ they are wealthy
b/ they’re at the border and CAB/Rev Comm don’t like to look at the locals up there as was discussed in the Garda O’Donoghue thread


Brothers who stole Quinn laptop get extra jail time

So they were caught “within minutes”. It seems the HP laptop was recovered, but what about the telephone?


Sean Jnr’s turn to toe the party line today…and his missus got a free pass and Sean Jnr was allowed speak for her…how quaint

“The son of bankrupt businessman Seán Quinn has said he does not believe he is obliged to say what he has done with almost €400,000 paid to him over a year by companies in his family’s international property group (IPG).
His wife was advised by lawyers she was not required to say how she spent €320,297 paid to her, Seán Quinn Jnr also told the Commercial Court.”

““I do not have a clue where the money has gone and let me be struck dead as I leave this court if that’s wrong,” he said” … ing46.html

Case is now adjourned…


The Divine Lie Detector works everytime. He didn’t get struck dead as he left the court so obviously he was telling the truth. This same method of logic can be applied when testing for witches.


Agh but the real question is what was she wearing and what handbag did she have.



spot on in more ways than one … 8DD

Ive always felt Irish judges take a ‘dim persons view’ on white collar crimes .
When it comes to blue collar crime their view seems to be that of a person who isnt so dim.

"get out of my court young man , this is a court of law not of justice "


I’m not sure how you classify “blue collar crime”, but in my experience the justice system is very lenient on your traditional feckless scumbag. … 25759.html

“The worst offender, who cannot be named because he currently has a raft of criminal charges against him in the courts, is Irish. The Irish Independent learnt last night that the man has had 1,100 criminal charges brought against him. Many of them have already been determined in the courts but many of the cases have yet to be heard.”


I can’t understand why they didn’t make her testify - She would have been the easiest to break (as far as I know she’s never actually worked for Quinn group) and at the very least put a bit of stress on the family. Doesn’t look like she’s too used to being questioned by authority (the rest of them look well seasoned in telling a story). I wonder will they announce a pregnancy soon - as this could be the reason she got away the not testifying.??


I can hardly believe that in this day and age a husband can act in loco parentis for his wife…


very traditional family, the Quinns. Sure did’nt the Matriarch just sign whatever Sean Snr told her to…that defence did’nt work in an earlier case however
Maybe the Courts are being worn down slowly but surely by the fighting Quinns!


Is it now , very lenient , thanks for letting me know. Thats informative alright.
I got my countries mixed up , maybe l was thinking of the UK where the Govts own figures indicate social welfare fraud is reckoned to be 5% of the loss to the exchequer of tax avoidance schemes.
Stuff like that wouldnt be going on here… got to go Ive an appointment down the cop shop, the invited me down a few weeks ago at my convenience, wanted to discuss a 6,000 euro tab every man woman and child in the Republic is ‘alledgedly’ picking up for me, cant decide what to wear.


What’s the issue? Tax avoidance is legal and social welfare fraud isn’t so why even begin to equate them? It would be much more reasonable to compare tax avoidance schemes (legally keeping your own money from the state) with total legitimate social welfare payments (legally receiving free money from the state).


jaysus I spilt my Starbucks coffee all over the desk when I read that one , let me Google it and I will get back to you on it.


I think you are confusing Avoidance which is legal, encouraged and the prudent thing to do with Evasion which is illegal.


TV3 reporting NAMA will now pursue Quinn


no im not. I think your the confused one.