The Quinn Collapse


Not sure what PwC are making out but I think you’re incorrect. The guarantees relented to assets that were in the reserves, i.e. assets that were not owned by the Quinns but essentially owned by the policy holders. if the guarantees were called in then less reverses, maybe PwC are saying like the Quinners “ah shure, those guarantees wouldn’t have been called in anyway, so what are ya on about.”


Irish Times: Quinn nephew ordered to pay $188m in damages to IBRC over asset-stripping role


PDQ to pay $188M PDQ(not)!


Slieve Russell Hotel takes legal action over bill for lavish Quinn wedding - Tom Lyons -> … 97068.html


New Swedish Quinn bankruptcy - -> … 83.dbp.asp

Nya svenska Quinn-konkurser -> … 83.dbp.asp


Sean Quinn case: Ukrainians to challenge contempt ruling ->


Film being written of tycoon Sean Quinn’s fall -> … ll-1253223


Government knew about Quinn and Anglo - -> … -1-5071752


Insurance firm PMPA to exit administration after 30 years - Tim Healy -> … 09350.html


Quinn’s large windfarm in North is put up for sale - John Mulligan -> … 12084.html

Hedge fund offers €80m for Quinn portfolio - Tom Lyons -> … 13769.html


Only 1 property has sold for in excess of 400K since the advent of the Price Register. That was in 04/10. The most recent sale was in 11/11 for 340K. There are no properties currently for sale in Alder Lodge. I don’t know enough about the area to show an equivalent. … Lodge&a_id]=198&cc_id=c1
Sounds like the classic, “We’d sell the house your Lordship but unfortunately no one is offering us what it’s worth”. Again, there are no properties currently for sale in Alder Lodge.


Alder Lodge is in Farmleigh woods where a 1000 sq ft 2 bed apartment is for sale on “My Home” asking 350 Euros at present. Mr Quinns lives in a very large luxury Penthouse which will probably be asking minimum 800,000 and maybe 1,000,000 if it ever goes on open sale ???


you’re having a laugh?

7 Farmleigh Ave a large house sold for 809k


Alder Lodge is a huge penthouse. Time will tell who is nearer the selling price.


Quinn family fight against Anglo closest yet to banking inquiry - Colm Keena -> … 271?page=2


Court finds ‘substandard’ Quinn disclosure in IBRC case … -1.1459100


So there’s no penalty for this, they just have to go back and do it properly?


No updates for a week gang? I guess people on here don’t like it when the mighty Quinn turns the tables :wink: : … -1.1466343


Interesting, if true. Remember, these are just allegations by known liars. Hard to take them too seriously.


What does it really matter? If the bank had not loaned Quinn €2 Billion then what would have happened? Would he have only been half pregnant?

Quinn bankrupted himself before the loan was issued. If the loan never happened he was still bankrupt.