The Quinn Collapse


Sean Quinn Jnr - property valued between 400K and 440K:


QUinn Snr running rings around Pat the Plank on Newstalk now


Quinn is sickening to listen to…‘whether it was right or wrong and time will tell, when the banks are after you and you believe the assets are yours, you’ll give them to strangers to try and keep them out of reach’ in reference to the handing over of assets to Ukranian train workers!


“the family”, “the family”, “the family”…for fooks sake.
He’s even referring to himself in the 3rd person

Whatever sympathy I had for him is blown away after listening to this drivel

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Ran an insolvent / fraudulent insurance company for years without any regulation as his own slush fund. Everybody in the insurance industry knew that Quinn Direct was a problem but suspected that he was getting out of jail by gambling the reserves. Matthew Elderfield - who are appointed by the ECB finally had the guts to look into Quinn (no Irish regulator would have dared). We will be paying for the insolvency of Quinn Direct for generations (it is a debt on all our backs) - and this is separate to the Anglo Shares debt. Now that Elderfield is gone (plus other foreign regulatory officials), we are back to the ‘old’ Irish system of regulation - no regulation. It is galling that this individual will face no prosecution and ultimately through our media, will be rehabilitated.

Will Pat bring on Bertie next ?


So whar is the bucketeer doing these days apart from trying to cover his slimey tracks.


Yes. I don’t understand why everybody can’t grasp that running an insurance company which is hugely under reserved is very profitable for the people who own it.


Quinn Manufacturing renamed Aventas Group in brand review - -> … -1.1612511
Nov 30, 2013

Stolen tanker rammed into business -> … -1.1612511


Liberty pays €100 million for IBRC’s 49% stake - -> … -1.1633710

Quinn family set to challenge IBRC Act - Tom Lyons -> … -1.1640798

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Seems to sum it all up.


Bankrupt’s NZ connection - MATT NIPPERT -> … connection


Quinn family launches action over €2.34bn of illegal loans - -> … 06529.html


Gagging orders lifted:

Quinn family’s gold: Informants ‘claim have details of substantial assets not disclosed’ … 16997.html


3% finders fee, not bad if there are tens of millions in assets


3% seems quite a small reward. The US has been offering much larger rewards with much greater success.

I would have no problem paying quite a substantial reward to whistleblowers who actions and information would save the State money or earn money in the form of recovery of concealed assets or damages for fraud or avoided fraud.

If the Custom House Capital whistleblower has been listened to at all tens of millions would have been saved.

Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act
( … etail.html)


False Claims Act
( … etail.html)

The UK use to have the concept of a common informer who provided evidence purely for reward but abolished it in 1951 and have not renewed the concept despite lots of talk.


not if it is 3% of €500m … 7-May2014/


I wonder if it’s Peter? He was fucked over by them.


Well the newspapers said one of informers was tried for a criminal offence, but acquitted, so my moneys on Sean Fitzpatrick :nin