The Quinn Collapse


So much for anonymity.

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Quinns bought €300m of gold in attempt to hide assets, IBRC told


Is there a map in a sea-chest somewhere, me hearties?


Theres Gold in them thare (Cavan) Hills


€300m is seven tonnes of gold. If he stashed it Tom McFeely style, I hope he used a ground floor bathroom.


Gonna need a bigger kit bag!

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Case study on the difficulties for national law to deal with super-rich criminals.


IBRC has been getting copies of Quinns’ emails since 2012.

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It is a pretty far fetched claim that the Quinn’s have managed to hide €500m in liquid assets.


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Quinn firm seeks health policies move - -> … 83267.html


Anglo tape trawl would take 5 years, say lawyers - Ronald Quinlan -> … 02894.html


Sean Quinn Jnr claiming unfair dismissal in the Employment Appeals Tribunal.

I am much too weary to post a link… XX


Just seeing this now.
5000 people attended a rally in Cavan in support of Sean Quinn.
Working 10 hours a day these folks could get through the tapes in 4 days.


Ms. Harty must be delighted with this. I wonder who gave the reporter that little gem :smiley:

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what could go wrong?


Start of the Quinn resurrection?


So a trio of business men with links to Quinn are getting into car insurance and another consortium with links to Quinn - who have taken Quinn on as a consultant - are taking on his old cement business.

Yes, people probably are saying that. They are probably adding that if this money were to be from the Quinn family then it must be money that he sheltered from IBRC’s attempt to get some money back for the state.

No doubt people were very glad when the Quinn Group brought jobs to former employment black spots but they would forgive him anything. It’s like a cult.

Sean good, ‘Dublin’ bad. People in that part of the country reckon everything that went right for Quinn was entirely of his making and everything that went wrong was the fault of someone else.

They are like a sinfully proud mother blinded by the sun shining from the underside of their can-do-no-wrong golden boy. “He just fell in with the wrong crowd.” He was the freaking kingpin, Mr Q.