The Quinn Collapse


Drumm and Dunne must feel like right eejits trying to declare bust in the US when it turns out to be light enough over here


Roubles. The Quinn investment genius strikes again.


Light enough??? Sure haven’t they taken every penny he ever had? And he has to hand over ten grand a year for the next two years, and him barely survivin’ on the State pension, and reduced to providin’ free consultancy for his old company.


There’s a bit of Putin about him, to be sure (all these guys taking over his old companies, but with him in the background… they might even “invite” him back to take the top jobs again in a couple of years)


Fears about future of Quinn Glass at meeting of 1,000 people
Cavan meeting organised by Concerned Irish Citizens wants local group to take on company … -1.2063602

On the clip played on radio 1 earlier from the meeting, the Priest said that in years to come when history was written, the real story of what happened during the crash to Sean Snr and Sean Jnr would come out and people would see what was done to them!


I heard that. He talked a good talk, quite oratorical. I was wondering wtf business have the clergy getting involved in this? But then I find the whole locality and its people downright scary, from the attacks on former Quinn businesses to the local heavies escorting reporters from football matches attended by Peter Darragh Quinn. These people don’t seem to see themselves as having any connection with “the Dublin government” which is why they seem to view the disappearance of hundreds of millions of Quinn assets with equanimity, if not outright glee. They seem like an alien species as far as I’m concerned – how come they don’t see we’ve all been screwed on the double: by Anglo and Quinn.


He’s a free man today- 3 years are up.
And still he lives in the Big House…luckily for him, ‘The Children’ own it!



Former tycoon Sean Quinn a ‘prisoner’, friend claims
Joey Smith says local people angry about treatment of businessman … -1.2602644




Bandit country.


More mafia than bandits, I think. A friend who consulted for Encirc (the buyers of Quinn Glass) showed me photos he snapped of intimidating billboards beside the plant entrance. His name has also already come up on Facebook pages of locals, so anyone with even the remotest connection is watched.

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Sean Quinn deplores intimidation tactics, bullets in post, general negativity, etc. etc. …

Sounds a bit like the Good Friday Agreement to me. Nobody’s allowed to claim they won or admit they lost, or especially that violence and the threat of violence had been a successful tactic… but everyone knew it!

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Presumably in the unlikely event Quinn ever regained control of any part of his former empire, nobody in their right mind would ever do business with him again.


From the SBP.


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I find the whole Quinn debacle fascinating, but from a psychological perspective.

He comes across as a man who stubbornly refused to accept that he lost.

Having fallen from the mountain top, he acts like he’s automatically entitled to stay there and demands a cable car ride back up.

It’s probably not helping that everyone in Cavan supports him (t’was those jackeens who caused it all), as they reinforce his own bubble.

But unfortunately, the good citizens of Cavan don’t control the company he founded (and lost).
And I’d say the new owners really don’t have the time or patience to entertain him any more.

By the way, has *anyone *in this entire bust come out with their hands up and said ‘I fucked up !’ ?
Think I remember Austin Hughes doing it.


He’s like an evil Jackie Healy-Rae.


No I don’t believe comical ever fessed up. One did, ex-AIB non-exec. Trying to remember his name.

At least Sean can focus on pig farming.