The Quinn Collapse


Jim O’Leary -

Attended a investment thing where he made a very frank presentation about the shortcomings of non-executive directors in AIB.


By no means would “everyone in Cavan” support Quinn in the same way that not everyone in Dublin supported the Anglo insiders.

The area he is from, and where his plants are located, is right on the Cavan/Fermanagh border with operations mostly on the Fermanagh side. So we are talking about border people here, they are a clan all to themselves. People along a narrow strip of the border from Donegal to Louth have a history of smuggling and lawlessness and this is just another indicator. Try repossessing a business along the Armagh/Monaghan border or giving evidence against one of these people in court and see how smoothly that would go.

You have got to understand the history here of the ROI/NI border, think localised mini-Mafia with Republican sympathies (when it suits).


when the troubles flare up again, I wonder where its going to start?


High Court judge rejects Sean Quinn trust application - -> … -1.3005404


And we’re back…they kids are going for the ‘doe eyed, simple little child’ defence. It didn’t work for their mother but it’s all they’ve got

Sean Quinn’s €2.3bn in loans gambled with children’s future, court told
Counsel for five siblings says they signed documents without legal or financial advice and with no knowledge of the effects of those documents. … -1.3822989


From the IT article

Pity Peter Kelly isnt the judge. They were all adults when they signed them.

Paper of record and all that shit. Article didn’t match the indo.

Morons then. … 09470.html


Very Irish that 9 years on from my OP that this is still ongoing?


IT article quoted above



One or two of those kids appeared in TV interviews back in the day. They were as hardnosed as they come. Not buying this “we were forced to sign” line. Also, what about Sean Jr … wasn’t he supposed to be in jail for contempt, or did that all blow over?


Legal battle between Quinn family and Anglo Irish Bank settled