The Rape Culture Thread

Ok I’ll start with the Wiki for what it worth.

Right, that’s a growing thing in Ireland now?

I’d say slut shaming and sexual objectification is fairly common in both sexes in Ireland, but the idea that we have a society “in which rape is pervasive and normalized due to societal attitudes about gender and sexuality” is just plain nonsense.

You should be be fired for this.

A lot of attractive women and girls in Ireland have been either groped or smacked on the bottom by a man or boy when between the ages of 13 and 30. The boy often does this laughingly (as a joke like ) and instead of clattering him his friends laugh too. That’s termed as part of rape culture.

Louise O’neill spoke of being groped and laughed at at 13. Una Mullally got smacked in the last couple of years when jogging on the canal. It would annoy me

I’m sure those same boys would laugh of a getting groped by a male.

You’d be annoyed if another man groped you? I bet you would. You’d probably start lashing out the fists, wouldn’t you? If Una Mullally reacted like that you’d call her a feminazi lesbian libtard or some other crap like that.

Well she claimed she was, but Úna makes a lot of claims, I take them with a pinch of salt, I advise you to do the same

Serenity Now. Serenity Now

A few years back I saw a sign for public meeting in Dublin called “End Rape Culture”, I thought that pounding sand would be more productive. a few weeks later the paper on the sign began to peel away leaving behind a “socialist party” banner. it was all gobbeldy gook to begin with.

Sadly ignore this horsehit, the people behind the ‘rape culture’ psyop are dangerous.

I wonder how many of those calling for George Hooks head, or preaching to us about rape culture; were calling for the Ecuadorians to surrender Julian Assange to the Swedish authorities ???

or was that ‘different’ ?

At the heart of the matter here is a double standard on sexuality between men and women.

Men are supposed to be always up for it, can’t control themselves, and provoking them with a display of female flesh means the man is no longer responsible for his actions. Women on the other hand, aren’t supposed to want it, should always dress modestly unless they’re ‘asking for it’. in which case they only have themselves to blame if some male loses self control and forces himself on her.

Now there’s an element of reductio ad absurdum above there, but the fundamental point remains. But it’s total and utter rubbish. I’ve gone home more than once with a woman I’ve just met, and never took it as a green light to do whatever in a bedroom, (a few times the woman changed her mind), and as another writer put it, I didn’t just look for consent, I looked for enthusiasm.

Hook’s comments on his programme were way out of line, and while I have a degree of sympathy for the fact that it would be an ignominious end to his career, he definitely has to pay some price for his actions. I welcome the debate on this, because as the father of a young girl, I hope she can grow up in a world when she is of age that she can go to a party, enjoy herself, and be fairly confident that the boys or men she’s hanging out with, will know that forcing themselves on her without consent is both wrong and criminal. That she can go out alone if she wants, and not worry about her safety in dimly lit streets, taxi’s etc. Obviously I will be teaching her personal safety and responsibility, but the freedom I enjoy as a man to know that I’m fairly safe in most places I want to go, far outweighs what a woman in the same circumstances enjoys. Many women I know won’t travel alone at night, get into a taxi without at least one other trusted friend etc.

There’s far too great a gap between Men and Women, and boys and girls in society for my liking. There will always be differences, but they’re far too exaggerated beyond what they ought to be.

Well said Sir.

There can also be an attitude that if a woman puts out on the first night she is a slut, but the man is usually considered a stud. Then if they don’t put out they’re frigid.

People are advised to lock their houses, if you leave the door open or even invite strangers in - is this not stupidity? Would your insurance become invalid if your car was stolen with its keys that you handed over. Would it have any impact on an insurance claim?

Women are the physically weaker sex pound for pound and if things go badly the ones in the most danger, not men. That is the unfortunate difference. There are weirdos, crazies, thieves, rapists and murderers and probably always will be. Is it not a bit naive to think that this wont happen in x% of scenarios where you let a stranger in? Some people are a good judge of character and can determine the ok people in a few minutes. Some people can do this even while impaired with alcohol. Advising common sense should not be considered wrong

The word that sunk Hook was ‘blame’. The blame for rape is always with the rapist. Giving consent to one man in one room doesn’t mean she is to blame for the rapist coming in to the room and committing the crime.

Exactly. He got that horrendously wrong, and he realised it and apologised for it.

Predictably, the professionally outraged want their pound of flesh, not apologies.

he should never have apologised. the mob sees apology as weakness.

Look at it a different way. If I were to go back to some girls apartment, share a bed with her, and her flatmate robs my wallet, am I to blame?

I think not. Placing responsibility on the victim in both situations is completely wrong.

I’ve been entertained by Hook in the past, so it would be a sad end to his career if it were to end this way. But in trying to build a safer world for women, any public utterance of the sort Hook made will be pounced on, and rightly so.

Yes, you are partly to blame. You took a risk in going somewhere with a complete stranger who shares a flat with someone else you don’t know, and who (in this case) is a criminal…

Therefore you bear *some *responsibility for leaving your wallet lying around and falling asleep in front of strangers…

If my tumble drier goes on fire and burns the house down - it’s not my fault. But I have a monitored smoke alarm (two actually) which hopefully provides an early warning system and lessens the risk to my family.

In the George Hook world, I’m being sensible but in the frenzied outraged mob’s world, I shouldn’t bother because all that matters is that the blame is 100% down to the faulty tumble drier. Taking any steps to reduce risk or exposure to risk is now frowned upon. Me and my family can happily die knowing that we are entirely blameless in this matter.

if it happened would you be kicking yourself that you put yourself in that situation?

I would, but that doesn’t mean I don’t hold the thief 100% accountable for his actions.

2 of my [male] friends have had phone and/or wallet lifted on nights out in Dublin over the last while; they both sheepishly acknowledged they were wasted and implicitly if not explicitly accepted they were the authors of their own misfortunes but I don’t think either would expect leniency towards the thief on account of it (both culprits were apprehended believe it or not)

one guy was a victim of a hugger-mugger [non-violent which made him more embarrassed he fell for it]; the second guy was more wasted and simply mugged which is simply bad luck but he reckoned they spotted how drunk he was and targeted him.

Neither has sworn off the booze so read into that what you want