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How many more???

all of em hopefully

Never heard of her before reading this “BREAKING NEWS” story.

Going on her attendance record, most of the Dail did not hear her either.


Me neither

I did.

She went on her holidays just after being appointed Junior Minster for Very Important Things.

So according to that link 12 ffers won’t be contesting their seats, anyone care to guess how many more will drop out rather than face doorstep wrath?

Would this be the same Ms. Wallace who was appointed Minister for State with responsibility for disabilities in the 1997/8 budget ( … h_1998.doc ) and who, a mere four years later brought in the Disability Bill that was widely criticised and then failed on the first reading in 2002. A period in the wilderness ended with her being appointed minister of state in the Department of Agriculture by on B. Ahern to boost her re-election chances in 2006…

This means that Thomas Byrne, another “young blood”, is safe. FF are already in the process of re-branding themselves as the youth party sticking it to the establishment.

“New Fianna Fail, we’ve learned our lesson! make sure that when we get our turn to crash the economy, that we are out of power when the shit hits the fan.”

When I read this I immediately got this image in my head…

…its kinda akin to attempting to rebrand the Nazi party in 1947.

You can try to shine a turd but, no matter how successful you are, it’s still a turd.
This year will give us an idea of the market for polished poo.

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Don’t despair Sweary Mary vows to fight on for another 20 years. Her pension mustn’t be up to much yet: … 90146.html

The honourable John O’Donoghue will also run:

How? :confused: Actually don’t bother answering that.

If they (ff) were anyway serious about improving their street cred they would be disassociating themselves from people like John O’Donoghue. It speaks volumes that they could consider him worthy of public office

Kerry is an exemplar of the parochial local considerations and incestuous gombeenism that has moved Fianna Fail along HL Mencken’s democracy perfection curve…

O’Donohue is a funny fish.

anyone who reads my posts on this site knows I’m tough on Fianna fail and tough on the causes of Fianna fail.
There is [little] doubt O’Donohue was taking the piss with his expenses.
However I have heard from people who worked for him (Non FF) that as a minister he was one of the most competent and hardest working.
He read and understood his briefs and made clear decisions.

I was genuinely surprised to hear that.
I have no personal connection to the man and as I say in my view membership of Fianna Fail is [tantamount to] evidence of corruption and [a near] 100% guarantee of tolerance of corruption.

Ah yes; but the people who are observing him are life long civil servants.

Their perception of hard working & yours or mine are far from aligned !

sadly true.