The Real Paddy's Day has already started - #SPF23 #PaddiesDay #PatricksFestival

First things first, despite the car ramming yesterday in Artane, you have to hand it to the spirit of the local communities and Irish people out on the street tonight.

Upbeat and won’t be beat down, this heat on the street, and it looks like the Paddys’ Day before it was hijacked by the Snakes.

So I’m calling it first Paddy’s Day is back in the hands of the people!

Meet the real Paddy’s Day

Oh if you didn’t notice, look at the official website for 2023 St Patricks Festival 2023 (a contrived festival) the main branding log is a Snake! :snake:

Get up the yard Snake!


The well known ‘bending rushes to far-right racism’ pipeline.

Horrible club horrible supporters

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President of everywhere. President of nowhere.



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The Snake is so predictable, you could hear the hackneyed “egdy” plot twist a mile away, the Menace is the Snake, are you gettin’ it yet?

A little extra vigilance if you’re attending Pride 2 tomorrow.

100 years after independence. Not of independence.

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Roma, experienced the same shyte in Paris over a decade ago. Watched from a distance and unable to do anything while Americans had their pockets emptied on the underground. They never stood a chance. Sadly a typical American tourist wouldn’t at all be familiar with the Roma, even harder when they dressed in more normal casual attire, whereas I could spot them a mile away and turn course many times.

You’ll be glad to know the Irish taxpayer has been subsidising these networks living accommodation. Most probably including the under age wives and so on.

Who knows what’s going to happen tomorrow but will there be many Irish locals, you know Dubliners, in Dublin city, so many in passing comment have been saying, “I don’t go into Dublin city anymore…”

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funny ole world

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