"The Recovery"

Google has a sense of humour, who knew!

The 4th result is even stranger…


Can someone look up ‘why is roscommon’ …
Nothing came up for me earlier but i may have created a few just by one search!

That might be a valid question in itself. :wink:

I just get the stock:
so expensive

Which I think is the googlebot guessing as there’s a delay while it thinks…

Will the Bank Issue a Notice of Default on these one thousand fife hundred properties and if not, Why? Purchasers should be made well aware of the debts, the loan outstanding all the unpaid charges, like household and water charges that have not been paid and possibly House Insurance payments and any other outstanding payments on a Foreclosure property. otherwise it is Buyer Beware!

one of the answers I got was


Just typing “why is” gives an interesting glimpse into humankind’s priorities …

'da fundamentals are back.

The recovery has arrived - but nobody wants to say so - Brendan Keenan → independent.ie/opinion/colum … 06496.html

Confidence up but families still under pressure - Charlie Weston → independent.ie/business/pers … 07406.html

I’m going to be shamelessly ad hominem: Brendan Keenan is an idiot, a waste of space writing for a waste of cellulose. Read first part of his article and its at the level and style of a leaving cert English essay.

Heard something about it on business news on Radio 1 this morning. Guy was saying it seems that people are starting to believe all teh positive spin from government - a case of talking up the economy.

Job Market in the cities have definitely improved, car sales are up (I’m guessing due to all the credit on offer in the sector), retail sales are up, and people are feeling wealthier as their negative equity dissipates. Landlords are certainly feeling wealthier as they are back to ripping everyone off again.

The trouble with all of this is that none of it is built on a very sustainable foundation or momentum. Ireland seems to be in a somewhat unique position (within the Eurozone) of benefiting from some the US corporations that have benefited most from ZIRP. The trouble is that growth as measured by the S&P increases over the last 5 years is largely down to the corporate share buyback bonanza and not profit and sales growth.

How it all plays out as the US unwind QE is another thing, I guess there is hope among some that Draghi picks up the baton but the realisation is such that QE programs, rather than generating ‘actual growth’, are simply holding the system together at hem. Still none of this matters to Paddies who are hell-bent on convincing themselves that we are re-entering another boom cycle.

Happy feelings aren’t adding up to much

irishtimes.com/business/econ … -1.1896235

I stopped at “surge”. It’s the new “soft landing” don’t ya know, remember that? Anyone… anyone, anyone?

This ‘surge’ lark is becoming epidemic in the Media lately.

put the following search into google:

surge site:irishtimes.com

Dunno about you but my 06 car is getting a bit rattly and I have to replace it sometime.

Didn’t the Yanks undertake a ‘surge’ in Iraq a few years back. Got good short term results…how are the medium term results looking now though over there?

Looking to change my car, I was talking to a salesman the other day.
He was telling me it was booming once more, but then shook his head and said ‘this won’t end well’.
He then went on to give a critique of his industry and it was like talking to a pinster, but in a bizzaro world where cars replaced property.

Defining the term…


  1. The act of regaining, retaking or obtaining possession of anything lost. The crusades were intended for the recovery of the holy land from the Saracens. We offer a reward for the recovery of stolen goods.

  2. Restoration from sickness or apparent death. The patient has a slow recovery from a fever. recovery from a pulmonary affection is seldom to be expected. Directions are given for the recovery of drowned persons.

  3. The capacity of being restored to health. The patient is past recovery

  4. The obtaining of right to something by a verdict and judgment of court from an opposing party in a suit; as the recovery of debt, damages and costs by a plaintiff; the recovery of cost by a defendant; the recovery of land in ejectment.

Common recovery in law, is a species of assurance by matter of record, or a suit or action, actual or fictitious, by which lands are recovered against the tenant of the freehold; which recovery binds all persons, and vests an absolute fee simple in the recoveror.


Given that word symbols have both a psychological and a logical dimension, I wonder is the term “recovery” appropriate?

The “recovery” term has been used in the context of house prices. The psychological implication of the term ‘recovery’ is that we are returning to a healthy state. Do people believe that?

“The Surge”… but in what?