The Redistribution Fairy … asies.html

Great post about what is wrong with ‘standard’ economics, IMO.

You keep reading articles like that Yoga and you’ll have to change your name to TUG 2 :slight_smile:

Its a good article and highlights what many on the Pin have been saying for years.

You could also argue that it ultimately suggests that the final destination of both Capitalism and Communism (as we understand them based on how they pan out in reality as opposed to how they are set out in the text books) is exactly the same ie the creation of a docile, compliant population whose only purpose in life is to be a cog in the greater economic machine which itself serves the elite alone.

How else can the past couple of decades be explained? Policy and public debate have both been tailored almost exclusively to creating a scenario where the majority of people have willingly sold their individual autonomy in return for a lump of debt. We are brainwashed from birth into aspiring to acquire tat and debt ie a consumer cog. Under Communism it was to be a worker cog.

Why are people not being encouraged to become more and more self-sufficient? Surely during these turbulent times, a human being’s best interests would be better served by being more autonomous rather than less?

This society seems to scream that our sole purpose in being born is to plug ourselves into the economic system and consume, consume, consume.

There has to be more to life than “atin and drinkin”.

I find it amazing how politicians get elected on a platform of change and reform and then everything stays exactly the same. Barack Howareya.

I think everyone loved the Fianna Fail gombeen cute hoor stroke pullers in the good times, knowing full well they were a collection of gangsters and parish pump gobshites - but then found it all a bit hard to take when everything turned to shit.

And now they’re getting the exact same crap from people who are a little more honest (not difficult) and who are not drunk on power & living in cloud cuckoo land, like certain drunken morons were. Plus ca change plus c’est la meme chose and all that.