The return of the Dream Team

Thought I would stick up a thread to honour the return of the all conquering 1997 - 2011 FF dream team!

It’s appears that the latest of these super heros to return is that intellectual powerhouse Mary Coughlan. … 59581.html

I once heard Andrew Ridgley being described as ‘The power behind the tambourine playing in Wham!’.
Similarly, Coughlan has always appeared to me as the power behind the intellectual wing of FF.

It really shows the contempt that Marin and FF have for the voters,what ever next,perhaps a return to finance for clowen?I would rather hack my bollix off with a butter knife than vote for any of those c***s

Taken from the comments section…

Jesus wept. :open_mouth:

If the sheeple vote for them into Govt in any form,well we do not deserve to govern ourselves and really should look to the troika to return on a permanent basis and run the State for us because frankly at that point we would have proven beyond any doubt that we are to fucking stupid to do it ourselves.


Bring back the Trokia - please take our ‘economic sovereignty’ off us

Might as well be in their hands in trust for us as opposed to an FF / FG brown paper bag :angry:

My hope is the only reason we’re seeing their return is that there is nobody new to replace them.

Is there any provision in Irish election law for “write-in” candidates, like they have in the States – just adding the name of someone you want to vote for at the end of the ballot paper, even if they’re not on the official list? I’d say with a bit of an online campaign we could get Angela Merkel elected. :imp:

No write-ins in Ireland alas. If there were Dustin the Turkey would’ve been in the dail years ago.

I like that idea a lot
Unfortunately our two political multi-generational franchises won’t tolerate this
Still we can dream …,

That’s it in a nutshell really, I would say there is probably a fair chance that we are that stupid and have learnt absolutely nothing from the last 20 years. … 17831.html

I see this attempted rehabilitation of some of the former FF Ministers has begun in earnest. Mary Coughlan is now painted as a channel of communication between Cowen,Lenihan, and other Ministers. Obviously no one got to Dermot Ahern. The plan is obviously to keep the head down for a few years and then let the softening up begin with the full support, it would appear, of the Independent.

“Ministers knew bringing in IMF would end their careers, says ex-Tanaiste”

No shit? so it wasn’t the previous 15 years of gross economic mismanagement, rampant corruption and cronyism, which has been endemic with FF since the 60’s so…well I’m glad you cleared that up for us!

I know I might be boring some with my repetition, but the only way I ever see our political landscape changing in anyway that is beneficial in the long-term to us citizens, is one that results from civil unrest.

And I truly do not see that happening…ever.

Related anecdote:
Spoke with a solicitor 5 years ago who had the opinion that with all of the austerity budgets that we were facing into at the time, she was convinced that we wouldn’t see any cuts to unemployment benefits. Or indeed that the vast majority of social benefits concerning the long-term unemployed would remain intact.
Her reasoning was this: She claimed that if you were to take say €20 a week off someone who was long term unemployed, (and of course she was pointing out how gross a generalisation this theory involved, as well as it relying on a good old-fashioned stereo-type of someone who has been unemployed long-term) then they would be the most likely candidate to actually get off their arse and march on kildare street in their thousands!!
(Their motivation being: ‘I can’t afford me sky sports thanks to them bastards in there!’)

I questioned her on it, stating how surely these lazy, slob-type creatures that she was speaking of couldn’t motivate themselves to change a light bulb; let alone march in protest.
She considered my view to be naive, that these people have perfected the art of squeezing every last handout from the state. She compared it to a career of sorts! She urged me to ‘watch this space’.
I gotta say I think I was naive. 5 years on and her theory holds up*. Our long-term unemployed are amongst the wealthiest of their kind in the world. Not bad for a bankrupt country right?

*Apologies for not being able to link this to something that shows unemployment benefit amounts over the last 5/6 years…would be grateful to anyone who could?

They forgot to finish the headline … ‘and start their gold-plated pensions before it all came down’.
Mary Coughlan (Dan Quayle of Irish politics) probably thought IMF meant ‘Irish Medical Foundation’ (for ministers poor ailing health!)

Clicked on the Indo site first thing this morning to be presented with a headline photo of Clown and Coughlan,it was like it was 2008 all over again,If I never saw those pair of hateful useless cunts ever again in my life it would be super fine by me.

Its no exaggeration to say the sight of them put me off my breakfast.

Coughlan got a standing ovation at an FF event not too long ago in Donegal. I know they were true believers, but f*** me it’s depressing.

A topic covered on the early days of the pin - cognitive dissonance.

This is actually good news for ABFF. The “fresh blood” like Michael “my cursor was resting on that account” McGrath would be much more transfer friendly. … -1.1621387

Attempts by former senior Fianna Fáil office holders to return to elected office are expected to be firmly resisted by party headquarters.

“We need candidates without baggage,” said a party source yesterday. “Running people associated with the previous government could see public anger towards us reignited.”

Another source described running former office holders as an “appalling vista”, adding that it would provide the other parties with anti-Fianna Fáil material.

This follows the revelation that former tánaiste Mary Coughlan has not ruled out seeking a nomination to contest the next general election in Donegal. Asked if she intended to run again, she replied: “I don’t think so. We need new blood, but the door isn’t closed entirely.”

Bring them all back - our goldfish like electorate need reminding what that shower of kunts FF did to the country.

Well close it then,on her fucking fingers if need be.