The Robinsons

Somewhat surprised not to see a topic on Peter and Iris, are there no Northern brethren on the pin?

So let’s just say that there is something in this upcoming BBC special on their financial affairs, even if it’s just smoke, it might be enough to push Robinson over the brink and into resignation.

Who’s up for succession within the DUP? Would they be better or worse – more or less likely to deal with Sinn Féin?
Is there any fear of the whole thing coming apart and going back to square one - it certainly would complete the “back to the 80’s” vibe on the island.

So this is the anonymous internet.

What are the “rumours”?

Peter pulled a fast one on the missus, airing her dirty laundry (literally) in public , by announcing the affair at a press conference. I thought it was a cheap trick but par for the course.
A little bit of pay back for her infidelity, just in case anyone was in any doubt of who the victim was.

who gives a fuck about the northern assembly edited to remove possible libel

why stop at the robinsons, lets investigate Berite, Celia, a pair of sunglasses and the guards being called out to the Park Hotel in Kenmare…

Politicians are criminals in suits… its really that simple.

Rumours and suggestions can be very dodgy in this context - we’ll stick to honestly held, informed opinion and what’s verifiable to keep ourselves out of the courts, thanks.

How come threads on the Japanese Finance Minister or Tony Blair get left in “The Soup” but this one gets moved off-topic?
Yes I know, we don’t discuss moderation policy (fair enough) but I honestly thought I’d put this in the right place. Oh well.

This isn’t an economy or property discussion, it’s purely politics - and that’s putting it generously. It will be locked if posters aren’t careful about sticking to the topic - that which is in the public domain re the Robinsons and who might replace him.

So back to the matter at hand.

who gives a fuck about the northern assembly
if you submit an FOI to the Northern Ireland assmbly requesting … Total Cost of the Northern Ireland Assembly
you will be told the following …

Like I said who gives a fuck about the northern assembly, shove a big check under their noses, as in a big weekly, pay cheque with lots of expenses, no benchmarking, EU funding for every two bit community scheme known to man , jobs for them and their families as ‘staff’ in the assembly and they will sell their beliefs, their ancestors beliefs all up the swanee…

nothing libelous in that… somepeople around here need to ’ Get a life ’

and cant people who dont allo PM stop PMing me…

Except that’s not quite what the original post said. The moderation stands and it’s time to move on.

I think we can all agree that this couldn’t have happened to a nicer couple :smiley:

Yes - I found that a bit odd too - PM comes in but reply not allowed - strange.

It seems that Iris was fooling about with a 19 year old. Source - Suzanne Breen, Northern Editor of the Sunday Tribune, on the Last Word this evening.

God is gonna be rightly fucking annoyed about this shit :slight_smile:

He’s getting younger by the second so, he was 21 on 6-1… :angry:

On the Last Word she started out by saying he was under 21 and then stated that her unionist sources told her that he was 19 at the time.

BBC Northern Ireland tonight at 10:35 showing a Spotlight episode about them.

I’m impressed with the fortitude of Mr Robinson, bearing this load until yesterday, what he must have been going through. Finally he had to get it off his chest yesterday.

Cos this is gossip more than anything else.

And comments like this for example?

There’s nothing actually under discussion in this thread.

Agreed, pathetic comment.

this thread doesn’t seem to be going anywhere

@Kate P and Calina:
Northern Ireland is the only State/Province/Political Entity that shares a border with the Republic. Some posters are either from NI or live there and its property prices have been discussed around here. Were a similar scandal to be going on in Dublin, London, Washington or Paris, I have no doubt it would have been mentioned around here.
The question I asked was what will happen if the BBC reveals something that forces Peter Robinson to resign. I think that’s at least as relevant as the health of the Japanese Finance Minister or the source of wealth of a former British PM.

So I don’t get either of the following remarks:


It’s not “putting it generously” to discuss the political future of NI and it’s not “gossip” – both Peter and Iris Robinson have issued public statements.

Mods feel free to yellow-card me or whatever, but I honestly feel I have to reply in these circumstances. I agree with provost that the thread isn’t going anywhere, I had thought that someone in the know might pan out some possible post-Robinson scenarios, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

Nah, it’s not.