The roof falls in on Ireland's Millionaires Row … is-bailout

a song, neigh, a lament for highly leveraged speculators in Irish property still sitting on their devaluing ‘piles’.

Sing a long now …

Blue Horseshoe … 48812.html

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I know. Earlier this year at a golf society thing I was vilified when one of the members asked me to sponsor his neighbour for this. I just said no thanks. Got lots of grief.

Well done that Naked Chef…I would have given you a golden toque for that principled stand !!

Mr Mellons great adventure is surely one of lingering examples of how wrong-headed the Irish Toigers really were.....feelgood at its very basest !!! :sick:

Brand Mellon is so tarnished.

That said, I was in Cape Town a couple of years ago and saw houses built - not by Niall Mellon, I hasten to add, at a site just outside the city. It was a massive, massive improvement on the shanty huts that people were living in, that are lethal if a fire breaks out, have no sanitation.

I was to go to Haiti this year with Haven until the cholera outbreak led to the trip being cancelled. I think the work is valuable.

good for you. was always confused by this tho’. would i really want my house built by an it consultant from cavan?

thomas aquinas differentiated charity into 8 (i think) degrees. virtually all were, to his mind, driven by self-interest and therefore not pure. try telling that to the ladies who lunch.

as an aside i did some volunteer work in eritrea several years ago. left very disillusioned by the carry on of the charities. spent more time and effort trying to get air-time rather than working together to help the poor. haven’t given to foreign aid charities since. and that isn’t to even begin talking about charitable donations propping up corrupt and brutal regimes across the world.