The scary chart thread

Why US home prices are not going to bottom out any time soon…

Since ‘it’ doesn’t appear to be showing the image, ruining the all important first post, here is the link:

try again! I love scary charts!

I tried and failed too. Very strange.

Knock Lion


Tips for spotting a scary chart number 43: it has a fold out bit covering the last ten years…

Idiots! those trends won’t be replicated in Ireland, we’re different, we have strong fundamentals

Double post

Click on chart for original NY Times chart - it’s too big to post!

I love scary charts

From calculated risk … dOct10.gif … illion.jpg

edit, images not working so links only

Really scary - too big to post
those hockeystick shaped curves are everywhere

Well You Betcha - let’s hear it for those Hockey Moms…ooops wrong thread…

This is yoganmahew’s graph which wouldn’t post

This is my favourite for petrol consumption from the Economist in 2003

Wow I knew the Econmist was good at business news but fortune telling too… amazing …:laughing:

One for the history books!