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Prime mortgages in deep dark doo-doo…NY Times 25 May 2009


Not strictly a scary chart , more of a scary trend observed over on the wonderful :smiley:


Genuinely offtopic! And I had already posted this in the swineflu thread 2Pack… A day late and a dollar short my friend, just like the prime borrowers in BOE’s post… :wink:


US Federal Reserve ( Central Bank) Balance Sheet 2007 - 2009 for TUG .

From and with commentary which may be found Here

Breakdown of current position . Bailouts of Bear and AIg etc are ‘Maiden Lane’ funds .


Chart of option ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) recasts. Option ARMs are: … ption_ARMs

#226 … nite-world

There are several stories in this, there is the population growth vs finite resources story, the population decline story and the migration from one region to another and the implications for pensions. They can be scary depending on your perspective, but one thing, change is certain and the world we inhabit today will be a different place in 30-50 years time.


IT would be interesting to see a graph of population increase per region. I’m pretty sure the US and Europe have negative population growth, or at least a non replenishing fertility rate. India and China are also seriously slowing down, is it Africa, south America and Asian countries that are providing this growth?


Replacement rate needs to be 2.33 children per family -
Also migration -


Yep, I think all European countries are below the replacement rate. The Migration issue won’t effect global population numbers though.

This is interesting: … ility_rate

Looks like most are decreasing.

Here’s a map of it: … _map_2.png
Looks like mostly Africa. I guess you would need to take infant mortality rate in as well, need a ap of how many people make it to age of reproduction.


Excellent TED lecture on the subject here: … _seen.html


A Tale of Two Depressions

And more.


Personally I don’t subscribe to this train of thought. Surviving Lehmens and AIG shows the resilience of the system. I put it all down to information. In the 30’s protectionism and lack of a global approach compounded the problems. While protectionism is still rife it’s no where near what it was back in the 30’s (ducks to avoid the hurtling views). Saying that, there is a long way to go to get out of this. Society needs to delever itself from Reganomics and only lower growth rates will do this. As for Ireland, FUBAR.


Ah, the Eoghan Harris defence… We survived the Vikings, Cromwell and the famine… :laughing:


As I pointed out, everything is far from rosey. I’m just saying that in my own (pretty uneducated view) that I wouldn’t worry too much about putting the beans and shotgun shells on the buyandsell. :slight_smile:


Is Harris that old? He’ll be telling us soon that he took the sword from Brian Boru’s dead hand and on his own slaughtered the invaders until the waters of the Tolka ran red with their blood. I can imagine him siding up to Cromwell, though…



Ah! But can you not see the rate of decline easing at the bottom of the graph? Everthing will be fine 8DD



This chart seems to show that the job losses and subsequesnt recoveries are being drawn out over longer time periods in more recent times. Looks like we could be in for at best a 5/6 year timscale to return to pre recession job levels…maybe a little longer for Ireland…we really are different!




Perhaps the reason the European birth rate has fallen below the replacement rate of 2.3 is because of the inexorable rise in the cost of housing caused by the economic policies of successive governments of the last fifty years(at the behest of their banker paymasters) this has caused couples to restrict the numbers of children they have in order to pay for the increasing proportion mortgage/rent payments have become as a percentage of their earnings?This has been especially prevalent in the UK as housing has consumes more and more of household income to the point where previously the male income was sufficient to support the household, now both the husband and wife have to work in order to maintain the household unit.

After having caused the above problem, the banks solution to further economic decline and falling house prices is of course not to let property correct to levels commensurate with the earnings of the indigenous people in order to re-establish positive birth rates that would boost the population,it is instead to import third world immigrants to boost the supply of future customers.

This has been the policy in the UK for the last forty years or so,now it is Ireland’s chance to experience the benefits of multiculturalism.