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A number of interesting charts here:



Not sure how to post the actual chart, but here`s the link. … 850fd58978


this is a big one we follow…

esp the M3 for the bond market followers…


European RMBS Performance. Current .

This graphic is taken from this quarterly report ! … ss-europe/


From the FT today … abdc0.html


From The Market Oracle

Ireland holding up well too!!!

The Market Oracle - Home Foreclosures


Population and debt graphed relative to each other:
(Courtesy of Some Assembly Required)


Debt falls at fastest pace since D-Day
Commentary: Paradox of thrift is killing the economy

Picked up at tickerforum.


Interesting how ultra large scale credit retrenchment only became a feature of recessions after Greenspan took over , ie post 1990 . In previous recessions it flatlined bar when Volcker deliberately tacked stagflation in 1979-1980 with a monetarist squeeze .


Er, ultra large scale credit booms only became a feature under Greenspan too!!!


Industrial output, four big Europeans, then and now ->


From The Market Ticker - he is getting a bit militant over there


From The Market Oracle - Deflation, Falling Velocity of Money Ensures Printing Presses Will Keep Running


Not sure if this one was put up before
FED Balance Sheet - Form a pretty good article on The market Oracle

And later in the same article (still a few mortgages left to reset yet)


Eurozone . M3 Money Supply Changes On A 3 Month Moving Average

From Here select 3 month moving average and click Chart On Top to generate !

Sectoral Breakdown of M3 Growth

From here

Economic and Financial System Train Wreck Dead Ahead!

This entire article is littered with scary charts. Really mind boggling.


That chap says “Fool” more often then BA Baracus… Looks like just another goldbug…


He lost me at Ob@ma and Cz@r.

Maybe his ‘a’ key is fucked.