The scary chart thread


No argument there, certainly a goldbug and not very subtle about it.
The data though scares the crap out of me.


:confused: Eh, the Goldbugs have been right so far. Perhaps it is time to pay attention to them.


From the US


Very interesting chart can be seen at three quarters of the way down the page.


This one?

Must be something wrong with it. I’m sure the value of the dollar should have stayed constant while it was gold backed… it looks to me like the dollar lost 50% of it’s value in ten years after 1913. That surely can’t be right?


Remember the Panics [Recessions] of 1918-1919,1920-1921 and 1923-1924.

Quote from same source:

There was 9% inflation from 1813 to 1913 [fed created]
There has been 185% inflation since then.

Remember Juan de Mariana S.J.[Salamanca]
’ Inflation is theft by the King ’


The Fed broke the gold standard link with the dolar for it’s own citizens in 1933 (?). They completely removed the gold standard in 1971.




Not sure if this has been posted before but very interesting for the optimist out there


I am too stupid to copy in charts properly, but ponder this pair:



#313 … final.html

Just found this on iTulip, good graphical display of growing unemployment in the states. Sorry I’m
not competent enough to embed…


It’s like watching that film “Outbreak”. It’s like a disease spreading across the land.






A whole series of charts on small business sentiment in the US: … -bearish-1
(Courtesy of SomeAssemblyRequired)



CHART OF THE DAY: How The Government Payroll Replaced Goods-Producing Jobs … oll-2010-1


Technically not a chart but it is still pretty scary.

Chart shows the amount of capital that the banks will need to raise their ratios to acceptable levels.