The scary chart thread


^^^ That is just absurd. Paddy Ireland doing its own thing, big time. Jeeeeeesus.


So if my random number generator (and primary school maths) haven’t failed me…

If the state has to make good on all the recap of 2% it will own:
85% of AIB (6/7ths)
77% of BoI (7/9ths)
common equity?

Without considering the preference shares…
Without reaching 8% Equity Tier 1…
Without BIS restrictions in Basle III…
Without your 4 fried chickens and your dry white toast and without Matt ‘Guitar’ Murphy…



We’re on a mission from God.

We’re putting the bank back together.




US employment rate hits a 25 year low:


Very grim. Err…please stop falling. :open_mouth:


#328 … Is-It.html

Tax take declines as unemployment soars shocker!!!


interesting interactive chart and good Australian analysis




^^ Hello force majeure ^^ Surely there is no other way out? Every one of those regions it seems to me need to find a way to simply clip off most of those grey bars. And given they’re all in much the same boat it shouldn’t make much difference relatively speaking, right?

I guess the elephant in that room is big and red and eats with chopsticks.



Link to finfacts acticle on that … 5968.shtml


that’s terrifying - are those numbers current?

my guess is that we should be roughly equivalent to Scotland


If the reality is that we simply can’t afford more debt and have to pull back from counter-cyclical policies,
history suggests that we should expect a rise in economic volatility.
The stability of the last few decades may not come again for some time.


Those figures are from the start of 2009, about 8 months after Jim Power said…

Link to Indo, April 08.

It’s an old one but it’s a good one.


not sure exactly how scary this is, but it’s a chart…

UK GDP since 1948 from … th-economy

anyone know of similar charts for Ireland?


I saw this fantastic interactive graphic and thought of you guys … html?_r=1#


Good find!

That chart works here as well, just ignore the dollar sign and set the tax to zero (soon to be €200 or so).

Putting in some figures based on recent performances in the Irish market nothing is better to buy! (we all know that already!)