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Deserves a thread of it’s own.


Thread of its own


I take it that is before the latest 50 billion ELA was uncovered?


Says ELA excluding promissory notes, and

Noted at the time I seem to recall and further discussion here last week:



Look at the amount of interbank borrowing - it’s soaring! It’s clear that the situation has went from being a problem for each of the individual banks, to the Irish state, and now it’s a European problem. We might have seen a lull in European sovereign debt concerns, but quite frankly, I can see it rearing its head again within month.


This is not so much a scary chart, but a collection cartoons, comments and scary charts. A good summary of some significant macro issues.


Debt, Inflation and Global Economy Systemic Risks, The ZIRP Trap

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Inflation the big issue of 2011 IMO


Moved Economist house price index to it’s own thread.


I don’t know whether it’s scary or what the hell it is, but from page 60 of today’s Central Bank report (PDF:


I wonder what event they are expecting, like where do they find justification for the suddenly rising line? Are they predicting major finds of oil or gold or something? There has to be something, right?




Some very interesting charts and data in there.


Food Inflation - one that really hurts, kills, and destroys - brought to you courtesy of expansive fiscal policies and good old mother nature

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They don’t get more scary then this - … 7-Apr2011/


As Ireland is a huge food exporter, is food inflation not good news for us.


Cool. It vindicates my (and others) assertion that the bubble was blown to offset the 9/11 slowdown, that it was consciously blown and that it was blown to bail out speculators at that time - a time when the property market was already seriously over-valued, when building levels were too high, when individuals were already exposed to high levels of debt. 1996 here we come.


Resurrecting this thread with some end of year charts from the beeb;


Can someone explain the very last chart for me please? About the exchange rate and relative export performance.