The scary chart thread


Beautiful, man, just beautiful…


AC/DC gig?


Probably quote rates (messaging) in order books. Quote Stuffing.


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That is one scary chart.

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Business Insider compiles a few charts that would make you ponder, a few particularly like the growth rate of the BRICS, the ISM Export reading for USA, and Asia exports. Make of them what you will. … 012-9?op=1


from Constantin at trueeconomics.blogspot


Um, he hasn’t added in the guarantee…


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Household debt :open_mouth:
The UK and USA appear to be making inroads at least but Ireland Denmark and Netherlands are fucked.

Denmark at least can do something about its problems.


What can Denmark do with its problem? Use its currency, I assume you mean…

I guess there may be consequences for that course of action.


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Just goes to prove that the stuff you need gets more expensive while the stuff you only get with “spare cash” gets cheaper = less “spare cash” in the economy.


Looking at it broadly, things that are products have gotten cheaper while services have gotten more expensive. You can’t make child care cheaper by miniaturisation and outsourcing to China!


Yeah, eventhough child care workers are poorly paid (12-15$ph, limited benefits, many of them on food stamps) child care is still very expensive, (1200-1800 month around here). Education, insurance, healthcare, fuel, and so on have gotten extremely dear in the last 10 years.


Not to mention tax and regulation! Maybe one for the inflation thread dd?


Looks like the dollar is crashing upwards ->