The Scrimp and Scrape thread: tips to save money


They played a political blinder – made out that they would fly from Cork and got a huge amount of lobbying from Muncher Munster politicos to get the route approved by the FAA, now it turns out they’re mainly flying from Dublin :slight_smile: Really played the Cork guys.


Had a look on their website. Cork flights not bookable yet. Checked a Dublin to Boston one and was 550 return, not fantastic value


The €140 flights are there


I’d say the Cork route will only last 6-12 months.


How do you even find the cheap flights on that website? Is there a Skyscanner/Ryanair style graph somewhere I cant see?


the 140 flights are there alright.

Note, they fly into Providence, Rhode Island, 85mins on train to Boston proper.
No food or checked in bag - that’s 130 extra return.
No wifi or in flight entertainment screen
No immigration pre clearance in Cork


I tried this. The second cup is weak. The third cup is mostly hot milky water.
What teabags and what size cup do you use?


I think that only works if the first cup is a “splash-n-go” then a couple of minutes in the second and ten minutes in the third.


do you have to hang the teabags on the line first, to get them dry?


I do this too. Second cup is perfect. (The type of water you have also affects the strength of the tea. Hard water tends to make stronger tea.)


I like it black, so that may explain the disparity - Ceylon mostly. Adulterating fine tea with milk is anathema to me!


What about wedging the teabag behind your lip like a slug of tobacco, then sipping a cup of hot water suitably milked up and sugared? This would last longer than a whole pot of tea, with the added benefit that some teabags now come with a piece of string which you could use afterwards to floss your teeth


We are now in Viz top tips territory :smiley:


:smiley: Yeah, in that case, tie it to a tooth and lower it into your stomach. The acid there will remove the tea and you won’t have to bother with the expense of milk and sugar or the taste of cheap tea. Win, win, and win.


Reminds me of a fella in college who wouldn’t buy sugar for his tea. He explained that at breakfast he’d eat Frosties instead of Corn Flakes, and swiftly follow a mouthful with a slug of tea :slight_smile: don’t think you save much as Frosities are probably more expensive


Lidl have 50% off weekend.
Portuguese white and Chilean red wine. Both below €5


Norwegian are offering €170 return to USA until March.
Book today only.


Dunnes, Tesco, Supervalu, Iceland, all have €10 off €50 grocery spend in various newspapers


Anyone who takes their summer holiday’s in France on the campsites over there, get booking now as there are huge discounts at the moment especially for June and early July.
Irish Ferries have not yet released their summer schedule and with Brexit happening, it looks like bookings are very low at a lot of the campsites for next summer. So there are discounts of circa 50% on offer through the agencies such as Eurocamp or directly through the campsites themselves.

Yes, the ferry schedule might not match your booking exactly but that can be worked around.


Is that the same for the ones in Spain? We went to one outside Barcelona for the first time last year, great holiday, great price.