The Scrimp and Scrape thread: tips to save money


Raw Porridge and goats milk, thats a new one on me…

For the Revenue, some credits that people are not aware of:

*Carers allowance if you or your missus stays at home to look after the kids
*Profession allowance, where you get x amount back just because of the job you do.
*Rent Rebate if you rent

Other tips:

If you have kids, use Flannels to wipe faces/hands etc (NOT BOTTOMS)
Using wipes for everything can really mount up.


Use to compare airfares (like for like, with most taxes & charges included)


Next time you’re on holidays, grow a beard.
Depending on the type of razor and shaving foam used, this can save you up to 500 euros a year.
(Note: this tip is mostly aimed at men, but women can obviously also save a lot of money by trimming underarm hair only once every six months.)


I saw Nena on Top of The Pops in 1984 and I still haven’t recovered fully.


Buy a safety razor - esp. 2nd hand on ebay. The razor blades cost cents vs. euro.
You’ll also get a better shave.


2nd hand razor?

Jaysus! Is it really that bad?


Safety razors are cool. I’ve always wanted one.


Check out ceramic razors, not o n the market yet but would be great if are as concieved… … e_pe_1.php


You can pick up a 70 year old razor from the days when they made them to last for the same price as a new one.
Also safety razors are more expensive to buy in the first place compared to ordinary razors - you’ll find that the 2nd hand trade is large compared to the “1st hand” trade.


Get a credit card that gives rewards, pigsback, ryanair etc., of course always pay off your bill ontime.


Here’s a few more obvious ones:

Stick your clothes out on the line and not in the dryer.

Recycle where possible. €0 per bag of recycled rubbish, compared to €3 for normal rubbish.

Defrost food in the fridge during the day and not in the microwave.

Buy low energy light bulbs.

Don’t buy software, there’s invariably a free alternative out there for whatever program you need.

Forget about bottled water and buy a filter jug. (Obviously doesn’t apply if you’re in Galway.)


Charge your mobile at work? Lets do the math to see how much that saves.

My mobile phone charger uses 36W (pretty standard) and I need to charge it about twice a week (will vary with usage and how close you are to base station).

That works out at 3.7kWh energy usage per year.

ESB charges 13c per kWh so the cost is 49 cents/annum.

You lose a hell of a lot more than that down the back of your sofa, why don’t you look there for the cash?



Hm… use toilet in work. Toilet paper is free and you get paid for time spent. :wink:

I can also advise to get fuel card from which can save few cents in certain areas, however they are not always chepeast solution. Actually saving on buying fuel is not good, it wastes your time and makes you drive so total cost may be hire. If you buy Apples in Aldi instead of Tesco there would be more money saved. Also avoid roundabouts and traffic lights as they increase fuel consumption.

Go to Eastern Europe for medical help, hudge savings on dentists and drugs. If not into travelling use one of Polish medical centers, they usually charge a bit less and tend to take care of patients.

Buy on the internet all electronics, shipping a single computer mouse across europe is cheaper then buying it in PC World. Or any other shop in Galway.

Do not use planes and trains in Ireland, buses are cheaper and hitchhiking is cheapest.


Bloody hell! :laughing:


Rent DVDs online,huge saving compared to Xtravision,I rent roughly 14 DVDs a month online,all new releases cost E18.99 online.
Cost to rent from Xtravision @ E5.25 a pop would be E73.50 a saving of E54.50 a month.
Annually a saving of E654.
I use,I have no connection except being a member for the last year & a half,very reliable,pop it in a postbox on the way to work,and no late fees!!!


Yiz are all a bunch of stingy bastards…

Worse than me granny and her jam-jars full of elastic bands.


From today’s Irish Times - look like Madam also sees the need to save some money:

“A selection of items from two charity shops show the kind of savings you can make”

20 quid for an Armani jacket!


Open Window> You sound quite a guru on bikes!
What do you think of this one as a to-work bike? … oduct=6501

Except I would tend to disagree - you do need a shower when you arrive at work!

Though it may explain why you’re always sitting by yourself? :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t like the handlebar twist gear shift. Prefer to have rapid fire button/lever style shifters. Other than that, it’s got what you need from a commuter - mudguards, carrier and even chain guard. Not sure how much handlebar height/angle adjustment you have though, so make sure it’s comfy.

And here’s a tip especially to all young cyclists (I was one once) - cycle slowly!!! Well at a moderate pace, but not racing to be the first everywhere. That way you can easy travel 3 to 4 miles without needing a shower. You should dress so that you are slightly cold when you start your cycle in the morning. By the time you reach work at a moderate pace you’ll have warmed up enough but won’t be sweating. If you’ve got to wear a suit, leave your jacket at work and don’t put on your tie till you get to work. In winter wear a light waterproof coat and in summer, you just need your shirt. It’s usually warmer on the way home, but it doesn’t matter then as you’ve a shower waiting for you at home.

And ditto the recommendation to invest in puncture resistant tyres. I bought my bike in about 2000 and never had a puncture. I’ll probably get one tomorrow though for saying that.


Big money saving tip if youre male.
Make your brides family pay for the wedding. You’ll find that that will tend to keep the costs down.