The siege of Kilmuckridge

Not sure what’s going on here

As per usual Broadsheet are big on hyperbole and sympathy and low on actual facts, some of the comments are actually sensible to my surprise

The hyperbole is actually true in this case if RTE is to be believed. … ord-garda/

Was more referring to the general “no repo under any circumstances” ethos of broadsheet et al and in particular this:

This was originally in the broadsheet piece but doesn’t appear to be now, however it is still quoted in the comments

Sean O’Rourke had a piece on it. Lots of security about but no protestors have shown up this time

I reported on the last siege attempt. Heading down that neck of the woods right now as it happens, might get some snaps. I’ll probably stay more rural though, and not go up to the Big Smoke of Kilmuckridge. :smiley:

Problem with some of these businesses is that they are little mini-dynasties that are tied together. Can’t remember if this one is linked to the Corrigan’s shop down the road in Blackwater, but the last time one of its sister businesses got into trouble (the hotel next door) the town was left without a major shop for a year.

Never fear … the Land League are onto it. Comments already coming in about how the Gardai are a private army for corporations.

I ran the matter past an admiralty law specialist down at the Four Courts

He’s confident of success